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Monday, 18 February 2019

Wellington DV810 from 21 OTU , RAF Edge hill .Broomhead Moor near Sheffield Dec 9, 1942

 From my trip north to the moors with the the Tricia , this is the first of 3 sites I managed to visit .
On  are the small remains of Wellington DV810 from 21 OTU , RAF Edge hill .
Plane took off in very poor weather for a night navigation exercise on Dec 9, 1942   the training crew over seen by Flight Officer Stanley 'Tubby ' Baker [who had argued against the flight even taking place until ordered by higher command] became lost in the worsening conditions later in the flight the radio picked up a Barrage balloon warning beacon they had wandered into a industrial area, Baker took over the controls and flying east to get over the coast , later believing they were over the sea he let down to get a fix but breaking cloud the bomber hit the flat moor of Broomhead skidding to a stop and bursting into flames the crew exited the wrecked plane all thankfully survived .

 On the moor the site looked unchanged from pictures taken some years ago a burn area littered with interesting small parts and a collection of Armour and i believe a brake component nearby ? after a little walk around i found quite a few .303 heads and blown cases, buckles and a copper winding

P/O Stanley 'Tubby ' Baker, [Later Wing commander, DSO and Bar DFC and bar]
F/Sgt Donald Norman Dawson
F/Sgt Walter Samuel Sinclair
Sgt Alan Gordon Allwright
Sgt Ronald Douglas Weeks
F/Sgt Anthony St Clair Turner

Sunday, 3 February 2019

Spitfire Va X4669 , ' Sir Walter ' 27th March,1943 Kingsnordley ,Bridgnorth ,Shropshire

On my trip home from the snowy North I stopped off to see if i could find a site.
This patch of broken hedge in a quiet lane near Kingsnordley ,Bridgnorth ,Shropshire is the crash site of Spitfire Va X4669 , ' Sir Walter ' from the 109th Observation Squadron ,6th Fighter wing ,RAF Attcham the plane on a local aerobatics fight on the 27th March,1943 ran into difficulties due to a glycol leak the pilot struggled to force land the failing aircraft but either over come by fumes or visibility did not see the sunken lane crashing through the hedge the Plane broke up on impact with the other side of the lane Killing the young pilot F/o John.L. Becker USAAF.

Saturday, 26 January 2019

collision of P-47C ,41-6233 and P-47C 42-74640 of the 551st, FTS 495th FTG on the 23rd September 1944 Tibberton Green , Newport

From the summer a walk out to find if anything shows in the landscape at Tibberton Green , Newport, Shropshire  of the collision of P-47C ,41-6233 and P-47C 42-74640 of the 551st, FTS 495th FTG on the 23rd September 1944 , the planes flying from nearby RAF Atcham Shropshire were in a four ship formation when bounced by 2 other P-47's the lead ordered a break to starboard but sadly 2 Lt J.Heagney in number 4 position turned in erro to port colliding with number 3 flown by 2 LT D.E.Casebier both planes crashed almost immediately with the loss of both pilots.
At the site which is now part of a big agricultural college this was about as close as i could get to the site of 42-74640's impact point there is a change in growth at the grid ref i had but i could see nothing more to mark the tragic days events

Sunday, 20 January 2019

B-24J, 42-52003 from the 310 Ferrying Squadron on delivery from RAF Burtonwood, Lancashire to RAF Hardwick ,Suffolk 11th of October, 1944, Mill Hill , Glossop

 Just back from a Snowy and fog laden visit to the crash site of B-24J, 42-52003 from the 310 Ferrying Squadron on delivery from RAF Burtonwood, Lancashire to RAF Hardwick ,Suffolk on the 11th of October, 1944 with 2 crew.

 The flight ran into trouble before it even left the runway during take off the bomber struck some of the landing lights which the pilot had no chance of seeing in the fog that had clamped down over the area that day but gaining height and speed the pilot managed to get clear without further incident but later the Engineer knowing the bomber was still in cloud and heading towards high ground tried to tell the pilot to gain height by gesturing up wards with his thumb but in a testing and stressful time the pilot failed to react or misunderstood the engineers 'thump's up' as 'all ok' ? the crew who only saw the ground at the last second struggled to get the bomber to climb but too low they stuck the rising ground the plane tore up the slope of Mill Hill near Glossop but thankfully both crew survived though they were injured .

  At the Snowy and fog bound site some big parts still remain 3 stripped engines the horizontal tail surfaces plus chunks of the wings are the first thing you see but in a burn area countless many small and interesting items remain , electrical components and fittings litter the slope but my best spot was one small and fragile piece of instrument glass .
Crew =
 2nd Lieutenant C. R. Houpt [pilot]
Staff Sergeant J. M. Najvar [Engineer]

Tuesday, 1 January 2019

Junkers ju-88A , 8/KG1,V4+BS 1st of April 1941 Brown clee hill ,Shropshire

 From last weeks Trip out to the Brown clee hill ,Shropshire With Richy Curzon to try to find the site of the crash of Junkers ju-88A , 8/KG1,V4+BS which crashed on the 1st of April 1941 ,after becoming lost in poor weather during a raid on Birmingham the bomber smashed a 250 yard swath through the trees on the hill where the bomb load detonated totally destroying the bomber with the sad loss of all 4 crew .

 On the slope around Big Wood after a good zig zag down the hill Rich Found this cross made of fence parts with a plate with a inscription in memory of 4 comrades and a date of October 1940 ? this seems to be when the Squadron changed from HE 111's to the JU-88 and one crew member left the crew the bolt is an aircraft bolt but very difficult to make out the stamps .

Crew lost =
Uffz Hans Ewald
Uffz H Prochnow
Uffz W Lehnhardt
Fw E Wels.

Sunday, 30 December 2018

Update , F/Lt. T.V.Heyes, D.F.C Spitfire Mk XIX PM628,Church Pulverbatch

 A day out around the Long Myndd to revisit the site of the crash of Whitley BD420 then on the off chance popped past Church Pulverbatch and was lucky to catch a very helpful lady in the church who showed us the memorial to F/Lt.T.V.Heyes, D.F.C who was killed in Spitfire Mk XIX PM628 which crashed nearby and pointing us to the actual crash site which is under the new build on the left

Friday, 21 December 2018

B-17E 41-9098 , 340th bomb Sqn,97th bomb group RAF Polebrook Northhamptonshire, Cadair Bronwen 11th of August 1942

 My second site on Cadair Bronwen was to the find the last resting place of B-17E 41-9098 of the  340th bomb Sqn , 97th bomb group flying from RAF Polebrook Northhamptonshire on the 11th of August 1942 , the flight was in preparation of the first US bombing mission to Rouen six day later on this day sadly the crew encountered the weather that masks these mountains so often flying low to try to remain in contact with the ground the plane was heard by R.O.C who knew the plane was too low lighting Flares as part of 'Granite ' drill to help tragically the bomber hit the slopes of Cadair Bronwen shortly after bursting into flames with the loss of all 11 crew .

 At the site today much has been hidden by nature the bare earth patch shown a few years back on sites such as , has been covered in rough grass so much i didn't even know i was on the site untill i walked past and could see the disturbance but after a look at the scrapes made by the local sheep i found numerous items but by far the best were the blown .50 41 stamped case and the [unbelievably] complete fuse and holder .

Sadly many local US losses have warranted a memorial this site like 42-5791 “Ruthless” near Cwm Mountain have yet to be marked with a fitting reminder
Lost on
2nd Lt Henry L. Gilbert Pilot
2nd Lt Robert Earl Beers
2nd Lt Lawrence G. Schmitt
2nd Lt Leonard Holm Phillips
Ms Sgt Stanislas Lepa,
St Sgt Robert A. Kemp
Sgt Kenneth H. Branum,
Sgt Wallace V. Sidders
Corp Marvin A. Koepke [Passenger.]
Corp Stanley G. Aldridge [Passenger.]
Private Fidel A. Villarreal, [Passenger.]