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Tuesday, 9 October 2018

Lancaster KB879 Sandon,Stafford 30th of April 1945

 While trying to shake one hell of a viral infection i will drop up my second site from the weekend is a small almost hidden memorial by the side of the A51,Sandon,Stafford this is to the crew of Lancaster KB879 which crashed on the 30th of April 1945 with the loss of all 7 crew .
The plane took off from RAF Middleton St George in the company of another Lancaster for a cross country training flight later at 18.000ft KB879 was noticed to be flying erratically this continued for about 25mins until it fell in to a dive which quickly became unrecoverable the plane breaking up crashed across the A51 and burned out in the field behind the memorial the second Lancaster who had frantically tried to communicate to his lead but no radio communication was heard from KB879 returned to base ,
a later investigation found 2 different issues with the plane and flight that together may have been overwhelming for the crew, the plane had show previous problems with its auto pilot control also for unknown reasons the Oxygen control was not fully activated either were a worry but both at night over blacked out country side with another Lancaster nearby proved far more dangerous.

 Crew =
Pilot Fl/Lt W.G.Campbell
Sgt W.G.Ward
Sgt J.H.Kay
Sgt S.Berryman RCAF
Sgt J.L.Tweedy
Sgt E.J.Wright
W/o T.D.Lawley

Capt J.P.Perrin DFC ,Cresswell , Stafford ,Mustang P-51D 44-13635

 On a trip up north diverted to find 2 memorials around Stafford , UK the first is at the prime point Ind estate Cresswell just outside Stafford is to Capt J.P.Perrin DFC who lost his life on July 4th,1944 a 5 victory ace Perrin was delivering a brand new Mustang P-51D 44-13635 from Warton to the 355th fighter wing at Steeple Morton Cambridge but due to some failure Perrin had turned of route but near Stafford the plane began to smoke from a fire Perrin stayed with his aircraft untill it crashed in a wheat field on Cresswell Home Farm avoiding the nearby houses and a school the memorial was dedicated next to the site which is marked by the trees to the left on the 4th July 2007

Sunday, 16 September 2018

Blenheim L1476 Sykes moor, Torside on the 30th of January 1939

Part of yesterdays trip out to the peaks 4 wrecks in the great company of Trisha  and Sean Moran of ' UK air crash site coordinates' and his two nutter dogs
first up Blenheim L1476 which crashed on Sykes moor, Torside on the 30th of January 1939 with the loss of both crew the flight was a local familiarization flight but sadly the plane crashed in poor weather covering the high ground .
 The wreck was not found for 2 weeks until stumbled on by a local walker

 Today the site is still as i have seen on some pictures from years ago the engines are a little more cut up but the gully is still littered with remains and the center section of the tail the memorial is still in good shape for such a weather beaten place
a little further away a small area of electrical remains lie in a small scar and nearby another collection of small bits with a aluminum sign signed and dated 1994 ?
P/O S.J.D.Robinson
P/O J.E.Thomas

Sean's site Well worth a visit at

Sunday, 9 September 2018

B-29 B-1 Washington WF502 code "WP-O" of 90 Sqn RAF Marham on the night of the 8th January 1953

Out again on the hills of the Welsh border this time to find the site of the loss of B-29 B-1 Washington WF502 code "WP-O" of 90 Sqn RAF Marham on the night of the 8th January 1953 , the plane flying on exercise 'Kingpin' was detailed to carry out simulated bombing at 19.000ft but after 6 hours in the air the plane suddenly entered a steep dive sadly in fighting to level the plane the air frame was over stressed and the bomber broke up leaving debris over a 5 mile line , the center section with the inner wings fell into a small wood called 'Wern Goed ' near Llanarmon-yn-Iâl , Denbighshire and was totally destroyed by fire the entire crew of 10 were all lost no cause was positively identified but a fault with the autopilot system may have been to blame .

Crew lost
Squadron Leader W.R. Sloane. [standing in for the regular pilot]
Pilot Officer C.B. Speller.
Pilot Officer M.J. Lightowler.
Sgt E.F. Wheeler.
Sgt A.J. Martin.
Sgt E.D. Pearton.
Sgt M.J. Clifton.
Sgt R.G. Hughson.
Sgt K.A. Reakes.
Sgt R.F.S Anderson.

Today at the site a few small remains were on the surface around the bracken covered impact site not much for a big plane but due to the intense fire and ease of access more then i was expecting to find .
The peace and quiet of this small vally only adds to the sobering feeling of this site in the small village church of Llanarmon-yn-Iâl a memorial was dedicated to the men lost in 2008

Friday, 7 September 2018

29th on May 1943, Wellington X3704, RAF Pershore, Worstershire the brandy cask hotel

 A trip out to Pershore in Worcstershire meant i could find the former Brandy cask hotel next to the Star inn where on the 29th on May 1943 Wellington X3704 from nearby RAF Pershore crashed during a 'Wings for Victory ' flypast the plane part of a flight of 11 other wellingtons was approaching the town at low level ,suddenly straightened up during a slow turn and the starboard wing sheered off with the engine the plane fell and struck the hotel roof crashing in flames in the garden damaging one wall the crew of 2 airmen and 3 ground crew along for the ride all were lost in the crash the wing fell about 400ft away from the crash .
The hotel now flats has a small memorial plaque on the front the garden shows no signs of the tragic events but the rebuilt wall section is still very visible a propeller is believed to still be in the old hotel .

Crew lost
F/O. G. S. Hynam DFC RCAF [veteran of 28 combat missions]
Sgt. P.E. Zoeller RAF
Passengers lost
Corp H.Allen,
Aircraftsmen G.R.Band and

Sunday, 26 August 2018

B-17G 44-8639 from the 511th bomb squadron , 351st bomb group , Craig Cwm Llwyd , Barmouth North Wales, 8th of June 1945

 A very wet and windy trip to Barmouth to meet some new friends with Tricia  so dropped in a walk up to the crash site of B-17G 44-8639 from the 511th bomb squadron , 351st bomb group which struck the slopes of Craig Cwm Llwyd near Barmouth North Wales on the 8th of June 1945 .
The plane flying to RAF Valley from Polebrook with a full crew and 10 passengers returning home after the cessation of hostilities arrived in the area just below a 900 ft cloud base the pilot 1st Lt H.R.Hibbard asked for a QDM to Valley but unfortunately turned on a reciprocal bearing finding himself heading into the estuary at Barmouth the pilot turned right to avoid the mountains but sadly the bomber hit Craig Cwm Llwyd at 1100 ft with the tragic loss of all 20 souls on board .

At the site today there is a sizable burn area littered with small remains and below is a very nice memorial placed on the mountain by local aviation historian Matthew Rimmer .
Crew lost =
1st Lt H.R.Hibbard
Cpt J.C.Robinson
Technical.Sgt M. Marksheid
Cpt J.A.Glover
Master Sgt J.Q.Montgomery
Staff Sgt S.A.Caruso
Technical .Sgt L.A.F.Rhein
Technical.Sgt K.W.Craumer
Staff Sgt R.E.Smith
Staff Sgt T.O.Smith
Sgt D.I.Rapoport
1st Lt R.E.Higley
Technical Sgt P.Lucyk [ DFC ]
Technical Sgt M.Lemewski
Corp C.G.Pool
Sgt S.R.Coons
Sgt B.P.Dobbs
Sgt J.D.Leasure
Sgt E.R.Birtwell
Sgt C.F.Devaney

Sunday, 5 August 2018

Mustang Mk1 AP208 , trough of Bowland ,Lancashire

 Just back from a trip into the trough of Bowland , Lancashire to visit the crash site of Mustang Mk1 AP208 which crashed high on Holdren Moss Near Dunsop Bridge with the sad loss of the Canadian Pilot, Flying Officer S.P.Marlatt ,the fighter on a photographic flight had left its base at RAF Clifton near York only 20 minutes before the crash on the cloud shrouded hills .

 The site looks as it did on the website and in David Earls 'Hell on high ground 'book [Both well worth reading] the flap and tank remains are still littering the site as well as many other parts but the best was part of the fire wall Armour and part of the lower rear fuselage

 An addition to my visit to AP208 was in the car park by Langden Brooke a stone placed as a memorial to those who lost their lives in crashes on the local hills