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Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Avro Anson LT184 , Mynydd Perfedd

On the rocky slopes  of  Mynydd Perfedd  the scattered remain of 2 Anson's exist and doubt has existed to which site is which  well last Friday I climbed up the trail of wreckage, the first piece of which I found  in the stream bed about 200 ft above Maes-Caradoc farm and followed the wreckage spread up one of the streams right up to the cliff face where these bits were the highest I found right next to a area of burnt battery, instrument ,electrics remains  in the scree amongst which  I found this Irish coin dated 1942!

  LT184 was on a flight from Bishops Court, Northern Ireland and should confirm this site to be  LT184 as the other Anson was LT116 on a local out of Llandwrog

LT184 crashed on the 5th, October , 1943
Crew =  Leading Aircraft man  J. T .Key
              Leading Aircraft man  J .Chrystal
              Sgt                           E .J. Keightley
              Sgt                           J.G. Shepherd [Pilot]

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Halifax BB275 final confirmation

Just back from a revisit to four mile bridge with Rocky , I wasn't 100% happy the remains I found were as I though parts of Halifax BB275 so choosing one piece and after about 1 hours cleaning the part gave up it's manufactures inspection stamp from the London aircraft production group, confirming finally this is BB275 ! amazed that even after 70 +years in salt water the part still has much of it's original night bomber paint !
 These remains were also found nearby the last trips finds, one is part of the aircraft's cooling  system and some bit's of  battery casing .
Parts were placed back on site where I hope they remain as a small testament to the young men who died here!

Sunday, 17 May 2015

Halifax BB275, Four mile bridge, Valley,Anglesey ,site located

On a wet day I Jackie and Rocky made our way to the shore of the inland sea near  Four mile bridge,Valley, Anglesey around where I believed  Halifax BB275 crashed on the  1/2/1943 and was very surprised  to find remains from the bomber in a small pool just  to the side of where I had plotted the crash , the large brass part in the centre  showed signs of a high speed impact and the aluminium remains  are very corroded  , but these few bits  defiantly  puts the crash on this area of muddy flats !
The parts were carefully replaced in the pool and a  further visit planned .

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Avro Anson LT433 Lyn Cowlyd

This picture taken  high on Lyn Cowlyd show the impact point and some of the few bits left of Anson LT433 which crashed during a snowstorm on the 20/2/44  while on a navigation flight from Cark ,Cumbria with the loss of one of the crew of 5, the flat nature of the terrain explains how so many survived this crash
This is one of the engine mounts still on site

Further down the mountain and well off to one side in a boggy area I found a large collection of panel and engine cowl parts buried in the soft ground  this is about 300ft away from the impact point and was the work of the recovery crews,  nothing seemed to have been touched for years and I have never seen or heard of other part existing on the Mountains except at the crash site  so a new rediscovery ?

Crew LT433 =
        Sgt. J.W.F.Grant 
        Warrant Officer T.R.Renton
         PO  M.J.Byrne RAAF

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Revisit Bristol Blenheim V6099, Elidir Fawr

One I have been to before  but went back with Rocky and Jackie in January for a winter walk and found a load of interesting items in the scree to one side of the crash site these are the best bits we found , a plate with 'select down ' painted on it the clamp from the Graviner  fire extinguisher  a complete unbroken fuse  a radio part marked 'station down ' and part of one of the oil gauges front covers !
They were hidden back on the hill and I hope that's were they stay !

Monday, 20 April 2015

Revisit to Wellington DV455

A revisit to a local crash site with new info has found  the impact point of Wellington DV455 the Bomber on a training flight from  RAF Castle Donington crashed on the 19th of July 1943 near Bodedern, Anglesey after a double engine failure, the crew  abandoned the stricken plane sadly with the loss of one crew member and even more tragically  killing 3 civilians travelling in a car on the lane !
In my previous post I put the crash much further down the lane  but it has been found by the entrance to the  Farm of Tyddyn Watcyn that the bomber crashed through the hedge ,the area is quite easy to see as a much thinner patch of growth marks the site !
The field also saw the crash  of vampire XK584 T.11 on the 24th of April 1961 after the pilot lost control in a spin during a flight from R.A.F.Valley but this incident ended well with  both crew bailing successfully  and only the plane was lost !
DV455 Crew lost =
Sgt .R.A.B.Jepson  RAFVR
Civilians =
Dr Mark.Chill
Mr's Marjorie Chill
Mr's Chill 73 year old Mother*
[*name as yet unknown to me ! ]

A Sort of aviation related post

 This building on Carmel head ,Anglesey I originally thought was some communications structure but actually thanks to the new  book 'defending Anglesey ' by Mark Dalton I now know its the signals building for a air to ground gunnery range, the planes [most likely hurricane and Typhoons] came in over the trees from behind the building firing at targets on the cliff edge the 3 surviving  blocks [there was 4 originally]  were used for protecting  the range markers which were operated by cable from inside the building  ,still in good condition the structures which still shows signs of hits from errant rounds one of which a .303 machine gun bullet is still embedded in the wall are a few meters from a public foot path but note  the farmer has been putting up electric fencing so be wary of shocks  !