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Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Halifax B.MkIII LK835 51 Squadron, Snaith, Yorkshire , 22 May 1944 , Blaenavon , south Wale

 Back from a few days in South Wales where i was lucky to visit the crash site of Halifax B.MkIII  this bomber flying a cross country training mission from 51 Squadron, Snaith, Yorkshire on the 22 May 1944 suffered an engine failure and runaway prop / eventual fire the crew of 7 all bailed out leaving the bomber to its fate in the bog above Blaenavon , south Wales where to this day much of the plane remains well beyond practical and financial recovery.
On my visit I was very lucky as a good few weeks of dry weather left the surrounding bog very firm so I could visit without too much trouble sadly much of the surface remains have been removed and attempts have been made to get to the middle of the crash site to dig about using old planks?? something i wouldn't even try to entertain as this crash site is on very unstable and deep bog.

Crew =
Sgt A.S Jones
Sgt D.Bibby
Sgt E.W.J Luff
Sgt J.Brown
Sgt T.Minns
F/O G.Cowd
Sgt A.G Westbrook

Sunday, 17 June 2018

P-47 42-22758 Pendle Hill Lancashire

 A full and very wet day on Pendle Hill Lancashire To see what i could find of P-47 42-22758 which crashed on the 6th February 1944 during a ferry flight from East Wretham to Warton , the plane one of 5 in the flight hit the slopes in poor weather after possibly running out of fuel with the sad loss of F/O J.R.Runnells another of the flight piloted by Cpt C Francis crashed short of landing at Warton [L.A.I.T website site has a great article on this loss and others worth a look ]
After a tramp and a dam good soaking the site was hidden under some impressive foliage but close to the area in a bit churned by sheep I found this small piece of hose clip so happy something showed itself of this loss .
Then on to Darwin to find the memorial to Spitfire Mk Va R7219 'Borough of Darwen' Pilot Sgt W M Lamberton [POW] lost over France on the July 14, 1941, 4 months after its introduction into service which is a bout as long as it took to raise the £5,707 she cost

Sunday, 10 June 2018

Cherokee Warrior II, G-BSXB Halfpenny Green , 2017

 On way back from seeing off Tricia Quinlan on her way home so popped past Halfpenny Green to see if i could find the crash site of Cherokee Warrior II, G-BSXB a bit new as in last year but interesting to be able to look at new site of a very old type of accident both crew were fine but the plane was wrecked just a few bits of broken plastic left in the field

Sunday, 3 June 2018

Avro Anson N5019, 15 OTU Y Gamriw , Elan valley Wales 10/07/1940

 From today's trip out on Eli to see what remains of Avro Anson N5019, 15 OTU which crashed High above the Elan valley , Wales on the slopes of Y Gamriw during a night training flight at 23.30 hrs on the 10/07/1940 the accident report shows that the crew had been passed a report by a ground observer that they were over England and clear of high ground sadly not they were still deep in the mountains, of the 5 crew 4 lost their lives in the crash the surviving crew member a Sgt A. Smith crawled badly injured down the mountain and found help

 At the site a shallow burn area with a few larger bits of panel remain after a surface search some more recognizable little bits were seen , lower down the slope there are a few more remains

Lost on N5019
Sgt H. Hannan
P/O T C. Watson
Sgt A. Williams

Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Mustang III SR 411 , Darwen Lancashire

 Yesterdays trip out on the Triumph with Tricia  to find the crash site of Mustang III SR 411 which crashed on Darwen moor Above the town of Darwen , Lancashire on the 29th July 1945 , the plane being flown by PAF pilot Herbert Noga , 316 Squadron RAF Coltishall was on a cross country [Thanks Alan Clarke for update on flight info  ] when in hazy visibility it stuck the moor land and broke up with the sad loss of Noga .
On the moor there still are a few remains in a shallow crater and a small memorial to the pilot even after a few digs by different groups some things still remains buried and in the wall of the crater i found this electrical item ? I left it in its resting place such A lovely place with such a sad story but well worth a visit

Friday, 4 May 2018

Miles Master Mk 1 T8824 5SFTS RAF Tern hill ,20th of April, 1941

 A visit to near R.A.F Tern Hill to find the crash site of Miles Master Mk 1 T8824 5SFTS Tern hill the plane flew into the ground during a solo night flying exercise on the 20th of April, 1941 at 22.30 hrs, it was the pilots first night solo just after take off the plane entered a left turn during which the pilot allowed the aircraft to loose height the plane hit the roof of Gallantry House demolished the well head in the Garden and broke up on the rising ground behind the house narrowly missing an anti aircraft gun on the hill with the loss of the 20 year old pilot whose body was recovered from the Garden .
The pilot Sgt Gaston Jean C Vandebos RAFVR had volunteered after escaping Belgium was buried locally then his remains were repatriated after the war to Cimetière du Sud, Tournai

Saturday, 14 April 2018

B-17G 44-8422 'Duffys Tavern ' station 107 8th airforce base Molesworth ,Cambridge , England, 303rd,"Hell's Angels," B-17 Bomb Group .

 From my trip out to Much Wenlock to find the site of the crash of
Which exploded above the town on the 11 November 1944 during a mission to bomb an oil installation at Gelsenkirchen Germany ,the bomber was climbing to 18.000ft and the crew had just removed the safety pins when waist gunner Sgt Robert Sorenson noticed a fire by engine number 1 before he could call the pilot the bomber flipped over and exploded at around 14.000ft remains were thrown over a radius of 4 miles but miraculously Sgt Sorenson and engineer Sgt Dwight Phillips survived though badly wounded,one large part of forward fuselage and wing landed in the street outside Wenlocks post office luckily no one was hurt , the center section fell onto the B4378 by Westwood farm Bourton

B-17G 44-8422 'Duffys Tavern ' station 107 8th airforce base Molesworth ,Cambridge , England, 303rd,"Hell's Angels," B-17 Bomb Group .

 In the guildhall Wenlock is this memorial clock to the airmen killed in local crashes during WW2 [sorry camera fault ]

Crew lost in Duffy Tavern =
Lt.Paul C Stephan [Pilot]
2 Lt John R. Clingler
F/O Harold G Lewis
Sgt.Thomas W. Tapley
T/Sgt.Raymond R. Ladurini
Sgt.Stanton W. Keyes and
S/Sgt.Edgar P. Harris, Jr.
Survived =
Sgt Robert J Sorensen
Sgt Dwiight A Phillips