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Saturday, 14 April 2018

B-17G 44-8422 'Duffys Tavern ' station 107 8th airforce base Molesworth ,Cambridge , England, 303rd,"Hell's Angels," B-17 Bomb Group .

 From my trip out to Much Wenlock to find the site of the crash of
Which exploded above the town on the 11 November 1944 during a mission to bomb an oil installation at Gelsenkirchen Germany ,the bomber was climbing to 18.000ft and the crew had just removed the safety pins when waist gunner Sgt Robert Sorenson noticed a fire by engine number 1 before he could call the pilot the bomber flipped over and exploded at around 14.000ft remains were thrown over a radius of 4 miles but miraculously Sgt Sorenson and engineer Sgt Dwight Phillips survived though badly wounded,one large part of forward fuselage and wing landed in the street outside Wenlocks post office luckily no one was hurt , the center section fell onto the B4378 by Westwood farm Bourton

B-17G 44-8422 'Duffys Tavern ' station 107 8th airforce base Molesworth ,Cambridge , England, 303rd,"Hell's Angels," B-17 Bomb Group .

 In the guildhall Wenlock is this memorial clock to the airmen killed in local crashes during WW2 [sorry camera fault ]

Crew lost in Duffy Tavern =
Lt.Paul C Stephan [Pilot]
2 Lt John R. Clingler
F/O Harold G Lewis
Sgt.Thomas W. Tapley
T/Sgt.Raymond R. Ladurini
Sgt.Stanton W. Keyes and
S/Sgt.Edgar P. Harris, Jr.
Survived =
Sgt Robert J Sorensen
Sgt Dwiight A Phillips

Friday, 13 April 2018

Oxford MP299 flying from HMS Godwit , RNAS Hinstock , Shropshire on the 2nd Jan,1944 Lt Cdr J.C.V.K.Watson RNVR , Sub Lt R.C.Reeder RNVR

 Another Wrekin visit this time to the site of the crash of Oxford MP299 flying from HMS Godwit , RNAS Hinstock , Shropshire on the 2nd January , 1944 the crew of 2 Lt Cdr J.C.V.K.Watson RNVR , pilot instructor and student Sub Lt R.C.Reeder RNVR were on 'lorenz' beam approach training when it entered a spin from 2.000ft possibly due to turbulence from the nearby high ground and crashed into Limekiln woods , Steeraway with the loss of both crew .
the plane impacted in the area in the first picture but as its now in the grounds of a golf course i didn't have a nose for any parts that may remain i then went to Hinstock to find Lt Watsons grave

Sunday, 8 April 2018

Spitfire IIa P7746 ' City of Bradford ' , the Wrekin , Shropshire Dec 7 1941

 The second site was at the other end of the Wrekin and was of the crash of Spitfire IIa P7746 ' City of Bradford 'which impacted in the center of this area in the woodland at Rushton Cottage at the east end of the Wrekin on Dec 7 1941 during one of the worst snow storms for local flyers as 7 other aircraft came down in the same weather the pilot only saw the hill at the last moment and taking evasive action the plane stalled sadly Sgt H.A.Metcalfe RAAF bailed out too low 150ft and was killed later his body was found by a search light detachment from Buildwas
Again private ground but there is a shallow cratered area at the given position ?

Avro Anson T21, VV987 the Wrekin Shropshire 12th of September 1952

 A couple of site visits around the Wrekin Shropshire the first was the crash of Avro Anson T21, VV987 which hit the slope on the 12th of September 1952 during a local flight from RAF Shawbury due to low cloud and the pilot becoming disorientated the pilot Sgt A.W.A.Gee was lost in the crash .
Even though I didn't find any remains of the plane due to being on private estate grounds just off a permissive path I did find signs of the damage the plane made hitting the trees and an area showing indications of a fire

Saturday, 31 March 2018

Bristol Blenheim IV , L4835 Clee hill Ludlow 14th of December ,1940

 A bit of a gamble but it worked , this small piece on the slopes of Clee Hill , near Ludlow confirms I am at the site of the loss of Bristol Blenheim IV , L4835 the plane flying from R,A,F, Upwood on the 14th of December ,1940 encountered bad weather trying to stay in contact with the ground sadly at 1.200ft the plane struck a telegraph pole and impacted the rising slope killing the 3 crew .
After a short visual search i was surprised to find this piece still on the surface as access would not have been a problem for recovery .
Crew =
Sgt I.M.Curror [Pilot]
Sgt A.J.V.Secker
Sgt J.Pinchard

Sunday, 11 March 2018

Wellington BJ621, Eudon Mill Bridgenorth ,Shropshire

Ok no remains were looked for but a site visit to the field at Eudon Mill Bridgenorth ,Shropshire where on the 9th September, 1943 at 00.29 hours Vickers Wellington BJ621 crashed during a cross country bombing exercise the accident was put down to poor weather and crew fatigue given the crews heavy training schedule all 5 crew were lost in the crash and due to the force of the crash only 3 of the crews remains were recovered .
After following the foot path to the given ref the quiet field looks undisturbed by the event but looking harder there is a variation in the growth ? but as the field is water logged and a war grave it is not a place i would go digging around myself
crew = found and buried at Chester
Sgt G.D.Morrow
Sgt W.H.Lawrence
Sgt N.L.Wachter
Not found =
Sgt W.Shepherd
Sgt F.G.Wells

Sunday, 25 February 2018

Mustang AP171 ,June 11, 1943 Canadian Flying Officer S.P.R. Brouillette ,

 From Todays trip out with Ade Wilkes to the Brown Clee Hill, Shropshire and the site of Mustang AP171 which crashed on the southern side of the hill on June 11, 1943 with the loss of Canadian Flying Officer S.P.R. Brouillette .
The plane was flying in poor weather on a training flight over the Shropshire borders when it hit the lower slopes of the Brown clee hill breaking up over the steep slope
After a zigzag on the slope and checking Rabbit holes 1 .50 Bullet was located then near the fence a piece of coolant tube was found by 2 posts showing signs of impact damage then further up the slope a second nearly complete .50 round was found confirming the site