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Saturday, 31 March 2018

Bristol Blenheim IV , L4835 Clee hill Ludlow 14th of December ,1940

 A bit of a gamble but it worked , this small piece on the slopes of Clee Hill , near Ludlow confirms I am at the site of the loss of Bristol Blenheim IV , L4835 the plane flying from R,A,F, Upwood on the 14th of December ,1940 encountered bad weather trying to stay in contact with the ground sadly at 1.200ft the plane struck a telegraph pole and impacted the rising slope killing the 3 crew .
After a short visual search i was surprised to find this piece still on the surface as access would not have been a problem for recovery .
Crew =
Sgt I.M.Curror [Pilot]
Sgt A.J.V.Secker
Sgt J.Pinchard

Sunday, 11 March 2018

Wellington BJ621, Eudon Mill Bridgenorth ,Shropshire

Ok no remains were looked for but a site visit to the field at Eudon Mill Bridgenorth ,Shropshire where on the 9th September, 1943 at 00.29 hours Vickers Wellington BJ621 crashed during a cross country bombing exercise the accident was put down to poor weather and crew fatigue given the crews heavy training schedule all 5 crew were lost in the crash and due to the force of the crash only 3 of the crews remains were recovered .
After following the foot path to the given ref the quiet field looks undisturbed by the event but looking harder there is a variation in the growth ? but as the field is water logged and a war grave it is not a place i would go digging around myself
crew = found and buried at Chester
Sgt G.D.Morrow
Sgt W.H.Lawrence
Sgt N.L.Wachter
Not found =
Sgt W.Shepherd
Sgt F.G.Wells