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Monday, 19 March 2012

Miles Master N7442

This picture is of the area on Minera mountain by Llangollen of the crash of Miles Master N7442 ,which crashed during a blind flying exercise on the 30/10/1940 the crew of 2 survived the incident although the instructor on the flight Paul Hart was badly injured and he need lengthy treatment under the brilliant Archibald McIndoe, he later became a founder member of the Guinea pig club and he and Archibald remained firm friends for the rest of their lives and ended up farming together on Kilimanjaro !
The second crew member was L.A.C Roy.Turner who was sadly later killed on the 10/12/1948 while serving in Germany , I have no details to his passing all I have been able to find is a picture of his grave at Brookwood!
The crash site is well hidden by the ground cover and I was unable to find anything on this trip at the Hgw ref !
The site like all the crashes nearby has been dug by 'enthusiasts' and no doubt remains will have been 'saved for the nation' in the usual garages and sheds lol!
Hgw Ref 117/266493