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Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Halifax JD417 Yr Eifl

Halifax JD417 crashed on the 3/9/44 during a training flight The bomber flew into Yr Eifl in the rivals after entering cloud on a divert from Llandwrog to Penrhos sadly with the loss of the crew of 6 =
P/OL.G. Walker
F/O M.Cox
Sgt F.R.Jones
F/Sgt R.Walmsley
W/O J.A.White
F/Sgt K.Panwick
I believe JD417 had served with 78Sqn and was responsible for the loss of Ju.88C-6 Werknr 750478 R4+MP over Hanover on the night of 8th October 1943 with it's crew =
Lt Ernst Grosz (Gefallen)
Uffz Fritz Dreesen (Vermisst)
Uffz Julius Burow (Gefallen)
This is Rocky[the dog] at the crash site high on Yr Eifl, in the scar there are small remains mainly melted by fire but you still may turn up a recognisable bit or 2 but be warned the site can be hard to find even a few feet away the site is near invisible ! but even if you miss the view is spectacular on a clear day and well worth the climb !

After a very abortive Snowdon climb I decided to wonder back to part of Yr Eifl where I had found larger remains and fell very lucky again this time I discovered a 7ft section of flap ,part of a bomb bay door bracket also a 4ft square access panel and some more smaller bits of skinning !.
I hope these remain here as it would be a shame for them to be 'saved for the nation' in someone's garage till they get chucked out [or they will or sold on ebay ???] ,as they are the last reminders of a young crew who have no monument but these few bits !
Ref for crash site 370453 .

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Wellington P9299

On the 6/4/49 P9299 a Mk 1c from 311Sqn Czech training unit at East Wretham was on a training flight when after descending through cloud found it's self in the tight valley of Cwm Dyniewyd near Llanmawddwy the pilot may have seen the water fall that is at the head of the valley and tried to climb away but sadly the Wellington not the best performer hit the side of the valley with the loss of the crew of six =
Sergeant Aldis Keda .
Sergeant Rudolf Grimm
Sergeant Jindrich Horinek
Flight Sergeant Jan Stanovsky
Pilot Officer Jan Stefek
Sergeant Rudolf Vokurka
The only remains I could find were a small bracket and one bit of bracing on the scree at the site, some other remains were pictured some time back at the foot of the scree but have either now been 'saved ???' or buried !