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Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Mosquito HX862

Mosquito HX862 hit Drum not far away from Anson AX583 and only 5 months later again sadly with no survivors,the plane was from 60 o.t.u and that's about as much as i have on this plane and crew. These parts are from the impact point and contain parts of a motor and a 20.m cannon round .

Parts from the plane mainly undercarriage are strewn down the slope to the prop boss and supercharger gearbox about 100+ft .
This large bit of amour plate seemed a fitting marker on the hill .

Anson AX583

AX583 crashed high on Mt Drum on the 25/04/44 with no survivors from the crew of 5 , Sgt R.W.T.Smith P/O J.M.Polomark P/O G.Williams Sgt W.Jackson Sgt N.V.Robson.

On the side of drum is a shallow impact site with a few interesting items mostly undercarriage but battery remains and a electrical motor .
Some other parts are lay about on the slope blown by the heavy winds that soaked me on my trip ! .
ref=SH 71684 69790
Again thanks to sean and mick at peak wreck hunters for the accurate ref's.

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Aer Lingus EI-AFL

This memorial stone in Cwm Edno is to the passengers and crew of Dakota C-47B EI-AFL " Saint Kevin",which fell in a boggy area not far from this stone !.
The plane was flying from Northolt to Dublin on the 10th of January 1952 with 20 passengers and 3 crew when it seems to have encountered very severe weather poss leading to loss of control .
Looking from the stone it is very easy to see the crash site by the tree ! the tail was visible for many years but was vandalized by some foolish idiots so was removed some years ago as have all surface remains ! there is nothing here for magpies .
The crash site is very boggy and no place to be digging around , also it is a grave site to those who's remains still lie here ,and should be treated with great respect!.
memorial ref 66965 52080

Saturday, 12 September 2009

Formation p-47s 42-7872 and 42-7898

This pair of P-47 fighters 42-7872 and 42-7898 were flying from Atcham in Shropshire on the 30/09/43 ,when due to weather they both struck Cats Tor with the loss of CPT M.L.Stepp Jr and Staff SGT L.R.Morrison .
Some of the remains still on site and in the wall of one of the scars i found this .50 bullet still with red paint on the head, lucky as i don't use a metal detector !
ref SJ 99502 75410

Oxford LX745

The pile of bits on Shining Tor from Oxford LX745 are quite large being so near to the path , it also shows that trainers are low down on the magpies sexy planes list ! .
Oxford LX745 took off from Calveley on the 12/03/44 but was lost for five days having gone off track and crashed on Shining Tor with the loss of 3 crew F/O C.S.G.Wood ,F/O G.C.Liggett and FLT SGT J.G.Hall.
Ref SJ 99800 74629 ,peak wreck hunters site has ref for a fuel tank from this plane that i missed !duh!

Harvard FT442

This plane came down on the 30/11/44 during a cross country flight from Tern hill Shropshire ,it crashed on Shining Tor in the peak district with the loss of the Pilot SGT Julius Sofranko.

The small pile of glass and one bit of bakolite was all i could find at the site !.
SJ 99748 73741

Shining tor Norseman or poss Defiant ?

The few small remains at this site are either from Norseman 43-35439 or Defiant T3921, the details of the crash suit 43-35439 but it seems the best proof of this ,numbered parts! have been removed to private hands so cannot help!.
ref SJ 99831 73579