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Saturday, 25 April 2009

Yr Aran spitfire 1a X4843

At about 2,100ft ou Yr Aran is a few small remnants of spitfire 1a X4843 which crashed with the loss of australian sgt n.w.mowat on the 26/9/41 , the spitfire was built in 1940 which you can just see stamped on the amour plate above with the 300 below it

There is only one concentration of remains at the lower end of the scree but still a lot for this type, lets hope it stays that way .
Battery cell one of the few bits on the slope .
Some one has placed a bit of railing at the impact point but only one piece of casing showed up this high ,given the loose nature of the scree much must have been buried .

UPDATE. thanks to which ever thieving person or persons[ or gits] who took the amour plate and a large piece of perspex from the site in the last few weeks !

hgw ref 115/605517

Watkin path

On the way up snowdon there is one building thats worth a stop its right by the track and has been riddled with bullets, it was used for commando training during WW2.

A quick look around found one in very good condition.

Snowdon walk mosquito TV982

These remains are of mosquito TV982 which crashed high on snowdon with the loss of both ocupants on the 31/7/48 .
The bits here are in the bottom of the valley floor by afon cwn llan at around ref 613528 apprx.
I failed to find the ref of the higher site which is about 1.000ft from the summit around clogwyn du.

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

oxford and moth

These two plane crashed very close to each other and the a54 buxton road the patch above is around where a dh-60 moth crashed on the 11/10/34 both on board survived . has a much better ref for this plane .

The small depression just by the wall is about where oxford EB717 crashed on 12/5/43 with the loss of the pilot sgt john wilson , the plane broke up through the wall and for about 30 or so yrds behind it.

These small parts were in the edge of the depression where they had been dug up at some point .
ref SK 02555 71720


On the 16/7/49 two sefires collided over a field very near the b-17 site on birchenough hill with the loss of both pilots , this piece is the biggest i found on the hill and is in a stream bed on the site all the other remains are between this and the wall in the lower photo

It is a bit sad that the memorial for the b-17 which is only a few hundred feet away makes no ref to this accident and the two young pilots lost ,who have no memorial !.
ref SJ 99180 67337
Thanks to sean and mick at peak wreckhunters for great help in finding these sites !

birchenough hill b-17

This b-17 hit the very top of birchenough hill not very far from the a54 on the 2/1/45 with the loss of all on board this site is very close to the seafires !
Over the hill from the memorial is the burn site and the ground in between is full of small remains some had been brought up by digging at the site .

The memorial is behind the scar o over the hill .
memorial ref SJ 99442 67722
burn scar SJ 99546 67796.

sliddens moor meteors

Had a few days in the peak this week looking after a group of mad collies so got to do a couple of wreck sites , this one is on sliddens moor between holme moss and crowden and is the remains of 2 meteors wa791 and vz518 they crashed on the 12th of april 1951 with the loss of both pilots .
This small bit of artwork was on one of the larger remains a nice small memorial .
The remains are spread over about 1/2 a mile and deep holes are all over the site filled with remains some as below are really big and well buried .

ref SE 06872 02901

Friday, 3 April 2009

B-26 memorial

This memorial to the crew of the b-26 44-68072 that hit the top of y garn in the Llanberis Pass , i hope to visit the site soon !

Newborough warren q site

The bunker on newborough warren was the control for the q site or decoy lighting pattern that was built on the dunes in 1941 to fool german bombers from raiding r.a.f.valley further along the coast , ther were no raids here or at valley during the war .
The site has been radically changed over the years and in 1992 the site was buried under the dunes but as shown the entrance is still visible but is locked as the bunker is now home for a colony of bats so i thought best not to get to nosey!
Sadly the only aircraft decoyed to the site was beaufighter x8190 from 456 sqn valley which crashed trying to land on the night of the 8/10/42 killing the 2 australian crew members sgt r.scott and observer/radio operator sct c.a.wood, the plane fell some where in this pic but thats all i have on this accident .
Roy sloan's book 'anglesey air accidents ' is a very good ref on the islands air accidents
ref for the bunker is / 413 641
but don't upset the bats !