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Thursday, 21 August 2008


France again this was me brothers last trip when working over by le man with me dad they made a visit to mont ormel in the falaise sector
They found this tiger and this nice man and his schwimmwagen and after a bottle of the local visited his shed well sheds he has 4 all like the pic below plus 2 us jeeps 6 dodge weapons carriers 1 kettanrad and a kubelwagen his job was working with u.x.b.s left over from the war and during the war he er blew a lot of things up for the allies i believe !

b-24 holme moss

Liberator 42-94841 crashed on the 10/11/44 not far from the current holme moss transmitor station
The large burn area has few large items but countless small fragments pick a dry day though !
SE 10632 03385

Holme moss sabre

This site is not far from the swordfish and is the resting place of sabre mk2 19234 of the r.c.a.f. which crashed on the 14/12/54

the weather was a bit wet so just got some photos at a distance and went to find tea!!
ref tm/ 090 050

Peak trip holme moss

This is the crash site of swordfish p4223 from 819 sqn which was lost for a month above holme moss this site is not far from sabre 19234 !
ref tm/084 048 [much better ref on peak wreck hunters site check there first!]

Thursday, 14 August 2008

hill 60

Another abroad one but heyho this is hill 60 not far from ypres the top picture is of on of the 19 mines craters that were created in the attack on the 7th of june 1917 !

the top picure is one of the german fortifications on hill 60 !

this german bullet was lying in the path along with countless shell fragments ! the lower is a shrapnel shot from a airburst shell
me toy well overloaded hehe if you wish to visit the area then you would do well to check out camping yres site cheap and very nice [good beer as well hic !!]!


Yes i know its not in england but i still wanted to put it up as its well worths a visit !this is the v2 site at watten in northan france the history of the site can be found in more detail at
The large hit on the roof was caused by a 12.000lb tallboy so was the lake below !
this is one of the aircraft engine that are at the site the shattered remains of a merlin there is also many other items in the small entrance hall!