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Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Wellington HF519 , Llanrwst

On the night of 15/05/44 Wellington HF519 took off from R.A.F. Waterbeach for a G.E.E exercise over Wales but when the aircraft having difficulty getting a fix the plane broke cloud at 2.000ft  over the Elwy valley the pilot tried to avoid the nearby hills but sadly the Wellington stalled into the valley and cashed  in the centre of the picture , the crew of 6 were all lost in this crash
After a quick look around the hedgerow all I turned up was this buckle ,there is probably more here but the plant growth  is very thick and spiky so I left further investigations for another day .
Crew lost were
Pilot A.A.Tilton  R.C.A.F
Navigator R.W.Bartlett R.C.A.F
Air bomber D.D.Bidwell R.C.A.F
Air gunner W.N.Ingleton R.C.A.F
Air gunner E.W.Hare R.C.A.F
W/op Sgt D.Sutcliffe R.A.F
Update the Buckle has been identified as coming from a 18th century shoe  not aircraft but still nice to find

Marl Farm Anson , N5130 memorial Llandudno

This is the memorial in the grounds of Llandudno Junction Community Centre is the only reminder of the crash of Anson N5130 which broke up and crashed nearby on the 15/02/1944 with the loss of the whole crew of 5 
The crash site is on the other side of the A470 in the area in the centre of the picture but  due to the works that have taken place over the years  and the proliferation of litter in the wood beyond it's is very doubtful that if anything remains it will ever be uncovered .