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Sunday, 17 October 2010

B-17F 42-5791 'Ruthless'

This field on the edge of Cwm Mt not far from the crash site of Halifax G-AIHU is where on the 28/12/43 B-17F 'Ruthless' of the 95th BG. 334TH Sqn crashed with the sad loss of all 18 on board =

1lt Alden R Witt
2lt William J Gaffney
2lt Howard J Leddy
2lt Alan S Grant
sgt Kingsley F Spitzer
sgt Wendell Verbulecz

capt Louis G Reno
capt Louis S Green
capt Arvid S Dahl
1lt Robert N Moon
sgt Roy D Baughman
sgt Harry A Shade
sgt Raymond A Loija
sgt Linus C Thomas
sgt James W Leithhead
sgt Eugene Downey
sgt Dewey J Cox
cpl Andrew J Mullavey
I believe that nothing remains of this plane on site and the mentioned memorial has sadly not been built as yet !.
The only ref I have for this site is =

Thursday, 7 October 2010

Gnat collision XP536 and XR983 30th April 1976

On the 30th April 1976 2 Folland Gnat T.1 trainers flying from 4F.T.S R.A.F.Valley collided over the village of Brithdir ! XP536 and XR983 fell at about the centre of this picture [ref from Valley M.R.T report] with the loss of the 2 crews=
Flt. Lt. Kenneth Graham Ivell
Flt. Lt. David James Mather
Flt. Lt. Ian James Sanford
Capt.. David Keiffer U.S.A.F
The two Gnats were taking part in a larger formation marking the retirement of a squadron commander at Valley. One of the crews reported a Phantom aircraft close by and as one of the pilots was intent on spotting this aircraft his plane struck the underside of the other gnat .
Flt. Lt. David James Mather was considered an expert in low level navigation and a trophy donated by his widow is awarded in his honour to students who attain the high standards
required !

Mustang P-51 44-72340

This view of a collection of wreckage from P-51 44-72340 which crashed on Aran Fawddwy on the 17th May 1945 with the loss of Cpt Richard.L.Tannehill after 2 visits one with Sean and Mick [peak wreck hunters ] covering 3 ref points including both stream beds nothing was found but a revisit from Sean and Mick with better info found this collection of parts including fire retardant material from I believe the fire wall area .