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Thursday, 13 November 2008

Church gates Blenhiem t1892

Some time i saw these gates at kinver church they were dedicated to the 3 crew of blenhiem t1892 which crashed at longbridge on the 22/3/41 after striking a ballon cable!
sorry about the picture quality !! the main plaque is dedicated to Pilot P/O I M Shirlaw, also lost was observer P/O Dugdale and WO/AG F/O Mair

NH695 update

on the 9th of november i revisited the sites of 3 plane crashes around bewdley with sean and steve from the peak wreck hunters and aide from bromsgrove plus rich [the ccm hill climber ]
nothing was visible but a sweep with a detector uncovered some small remains at the site of NH695 a spitfire xiv which crashed on the 19th march 1946 !

the finds were reburied and we left as the weather was getting stroppy somewhat!!!
good ref's can be found on peak wreck hunters blog!

Saturday, 1 November 2008

Cwm mountain halifax G-AIHU

This site on cwm mountain near the village of Cwm has a small memorial to the crew of halifax
G-AIHU which crashed on the very top of Cwm mountain with the loss of 4 crew on the 5/12/47

The plane was from a civilian company" the lancashire aircraft company " another aircraft from this company G-AJNZ hit cronk ny arree laa i.o.m. on the 28/09/48 i visited this site years ago so no pics but a scar with small remains was visible!
A small pile of stones with a weather worn cross sits on the edge of the site on cwm mountain
i found nothing on the surface due to the snowfall but it was nice walk anyway !
Near to the halifax site is the crash site of b-17 42-5791 "ruthless" which crashed in a field just about in the middle of this photo on the 29/12/43 with the very sad toll of 21 the 95th BG memorial foundation were/are planing a memorial on the site i have no more details
ref halifax is at about SJ 07269 76725
there is a ref for the b-17 on the internet as follows 116/075774
but i cannot vouch for it being acurate