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Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Halifax BB275 final confirmation

Just back from a revisit to four mile bridge with Rocky , I wasn't 100% happy the remains I found were as I though parts of Halifax BB275 so choosing one piece and after about 1 hours cleaning the part gave up it's manufactures inspection stamp from the London aircraft production group, confirming finally this is BB275 ! amazed that even after 70 +years in salt water the part still has much of it's original night bomber paint !
 These remains were also found nearby the last trips finds, one is part of the aircraft's cooling  system and some bit's of  battery casing .
Parts were placed back on site where I hope they remain as a small testament to the young men who died here!

Sunday, 17 May 2015

Halifax BB275, Four mile bridge, Valley,Anglesey ,site located

On a wet day I Jackie and Rocky made our way to the shore of the inland sea near  Four mile bridge,Valley, Anglesey around where I believed  Halifax BB275 crashed on the  1/2/1943 and was very surprised  to find remains from the bomber in a small pool just  to the side of where I had plotted the crash , the large brass part in the centre  showed signs of a high speed impact and the aluminium remains  are very corroded  , but these few bits  defiantly  puts the crash on this area of muddy flats !
The parts were carefully replaced in the pool and a  further visit planned .