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Friday, 26 March 2010

C-47 41-7803 Moel-y-Gaer

Rocky is standing on the scar left by the crash of C-47 41-7803 which crashed high on Moel-y-Gaer on the 23/8/1942 ,the plane hit the outer wall of the earthworks of to the right ,
one of the engines bounced down the mountain to a point near the farm of Bwlch y Garnedd.
The scar contains some small but interesting parts , the fastner has some quite nice decoration there is also many bits of broken jars and bottles from the stores the plane was transporting .
Crew / Passengers lost on 41-7803
Pilot= Lt. Charles E. Williams
Navigator=Lt. Richard Pazder
Lt. T. F. Furness
Lt. Morris B. Penner
Private Harry R. Adams
T/Sgt. Jonathan B. Akers
T/Sgt. Robert E. Anderson
T/Sgt. Isreal Gross
T/Sgt. Herman A. Hermes
T/Sgt. Raymond S. Nash
T/Sgt. Jesse L. Patterson .
Survived = T/Sgt. George A. Lesikar
The site is a very nice easy walk and the view is worth the trip alone !.
Ref SJ 16790 46420

Monday, 1 March 2010

Spitfire L1034 Beaumaris

On the 13/03/1941 Spitfire L1034 took of from Hawarden , over Anglesey the plane became uncontrollable and the pilot bailed out and landed safely at Gallows point near Beaumaris,the plane fell on to the town wrecking this shop and the house next door in New street !, which was rebuilt and no longer matches the other houses .
Luckily no one was hurt in the accident .

Harvard FX249

The picture above is of the area on Hope Mountain ,Flintshire, where on the 19/03/1951 Harvard FX249 crashed with the loss of Sgt J.Hanna .
There is still some remains but the ground cover is quite spikey !,
also the grid ref I have does not match up with some accounts of the crash site, so another visit!
Ref= SJ280584 ish.