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Friday, 28 June 2013

Bleheim V6099 ,Elidir Fawr

 High on Elidir Fawr this is the crash site of Blenheim V6099 which hit the slope on the 31st of March 1943 with the loss of 3 crew due to bad  weather the plane was not found until the 12th of April , in this picture looking down the slope  the lighter area is the main burn site and the slope has many small remains under the scree there are also some undercarriage remains lower down the slope!
 Just a few of the more interesting pieces I found mostly electrical /perspex /instrument glass/ buckles and fasteners also 3 blown .303 cases there is also quite a few bits of wood .
 .303 casing dated 1940 from an older batch of ammo .
This brace plate has the  factory inspection stamp R2  for Rootes securities who built this aircraft !
The crew =
Pilot  Flt Officer.  E.A.Perry
Navigator  Pilot Officer. G.I.Gunter
Wireless Operator / Air Gunner. Sergeant. H.Applegarth