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Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Wellington HX422 ,Mynydd Moel

This weeks  trip out was to Mynydd Moel by Cader Idris with Jarratt Mccoy and dogs, to look for Wellington HX433 which hit the sheer face near the summit on the 28th May 1942 during a fuel consumption test from Harwell with the sad loss of the 6 crew, at the site I found much more then I was expecting on the scree below the impact area many small parts are scattered over the slope but then it is way off the beaten track and a foot killing slog

Crew =
Pilot Sgt W.J.Grant RCAF
Pilot Sgt H.L.Davis RCAF
Sgt H.N.Williams wop/ag
Sgt G.D.Graham observer
Sgt J.I.Mcpowell wop/ag
Sgt C.J.Thomas ag