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Monday, 27 June 2016

A very lucky find today day part of P-51k 44-11577 Cymran beach

Hi all been a while as not been out to many wrecks but will update found a few very interesting parts but this one is truly lucky out yesterday with the better half and dogs by RAF Valley and  found an aircraft part uncovered by the shifting sands

After a bit of research I thought it may have been from Halifax JB916 which ditched about a mile away but it was actually part of a engine bearer from  Mustang P-51K 44-11577 'Ginny III' 356th fighter group , 360th fighter squadron Martlesham Heath which crashed just off the coast on the 20th June 1945  during a thunderstorm with the sad loss of  the pilot Lt Richard J.Rensch who had been visiting his brother whose B-17 was at Valley .
Rench an excellent pilot had 5 aircraft destroyed to his credit and was awarded the D.F.C  he was interned at the American Cemetery Madingley , Cambridge

 R Rensch Stood on right

 Ginny III with it's main pilot Captain Donald Carlson.

Update  this part has now a new home at it's home base of Martlesham heath in the Martlesham heath aviation museum