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Tuesday, 28 October 2008

moelfre b24

This is the memorial to liberator 42-99991 "batchelors baby" which crashed during a transit flight on 07/01/44 on a small hill above penmaenmawr
nothing bigger than these fragments are now on site the large burn area in front of the memorial is full of such small items!

the stone give the names of the 5 crew who died in this crash and the crew mascot a fox terrier named "booster" who was buried near by the crash site!

Saturday, 11 October 2008

wellington dv455

Wellington dv455 crashed into this lane just i front of the first tree on the 19th of july 1943 near bodedern the crew had bailed out with the loss of one crewman worse still the crewless plane hit a passing car killing all three occupants !
ref 114/ 339833

Arenig Fawr b-17 42-3124

This is the burn mark on the very top of arenig fawr that marks the crash of b-17 42-3124 on the 04/08/43
went with sean and mick from peak wreck hunters they have some great pics on flickr and their blog nice weather you could see all of 20ft hehe
there are many small remains much more then i had expected spread down the scee field below the impact scar

on the very peak in a small cairn is this memorial to the crew and passengers !

SH 82703 36949 [ memorial]