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Thursday, 24 July 2008

anson vv955 foel lwyd

Anson vv955 crashed on the 20/05/59 during a divert to valley the plane hit the ridge on the right side of the wall and came to rest at the top of the ridge in this picture, the wreckage in the next photo is about in the middle of this picture at the bottom of the slope
This is all i found on this visit there was / is somewhere near a hollow where the bulk of the wreckage was burnt but i didn't find it or any other signs of remains

ref 115/722722
best use the ref on the peak wreckhunter blog , the stone cairn shownon their site is about 100 mtrs away to the left on the top of the ridge in the top photo

oxford n4568

The pictures here are taken around area that oxford n4568 crashed in the sychnant pass on the 03/08/41 the given grid position puts it just lower than the top picture !
Didn't find anything this time as the ground cover is very bloody spikey and dense try again winter!
ref 115/757769

Sunday, 20 July 2008

love google earth

Found this site on dolwen hill missed it completely last time the plane in question is lancaster w4326 which crashed here after a photo flash went off in the rear of the plane causing a structural
break up on the night of 16/11/42!
will post up more g/e pics when i get them

Mosquito w4088

This site is about 1/2 a mile from the vampire site there is 3 main areas of remains !

The largest items are the main u/c and struts about 100 yrds below impact point

Impact point! there are many small remains the other wreckage is in the stream bed !
will try to get better refs but still trying to get me g.p.s sorted!

best ref is map 115/543552
this is the spread of wreckage that i found if there is anymore i could be further down the stream but i didn't find anything else !

Friday, 18 July 2008

Denbigh p-47 41-6195

Great day got soaking found nothing and me g.p.s which I'm new to didn't e'r well g.p.s heyho well some where in the frame of this picture p-47 41-6195 crashed will try again !
bike went fine though lol !

ref 116/916593

Mynydd mawr vampire VZ874

This site is of vampire VZ874 of 7fts crashed near the summit of mynydd mawr on the 12/10/56.

There are many small items in the hollow in the center of the picture !this site is worth doing as it is very close to mosquito w4088 !


Thursday, 10 July 2008

Mill hill liberator b-24j 42-52003

This site on mill hill is the final resting place of b-24j 42-52003 which crashed here on the 10th Oct 1944 .
The planes remains as can be seen a very large and spread over quite a distance !.
Both undercarriage units remain on site and 3 of the engines of what remains of them !.
This picture shows one engine the most complete of the units and the large wing section lying very close to the pennine way only about 50 mtrs away on the left !
A very good site to visit is "peak wreck hunters" set up by mick and Sean lots of good details more than me on here!.

Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Air museum

The small museum and garden center at pant glas on the a487 is a fantastic place for a visit the collection of remains from wrecksites all over wales and hundreds of other items in four small sheds from post cards to a full javelin nose wheel, it costs about £2 and opening times are the " just turn up see if their in " type
just one of the rooms! on the left are very large remains of a heinkel 111 WNr3962 which was shot down onto pwllheli beach by a beaufighter x6251 flown by pilot officer a.e.ashcroft 30th of july 1942

Allt fawr Hurricane P3385

This is looking down from the summit of Allt Fawr around the grid ref given for the crash site of Hurricane P3385 which hit the summit on the 9.8.42 with the loss of pilot officer Robert Mcintyre!
I found nothing on this trip but a nice walk and the hawks from valley were out in force so not a total miss also in the picture at the top right blenheim aa154 forced landed after a engine fire on the 15.2.42 the 3 crew survived!
This picture was taken at the bottom of allt fawr and shows the rock area know as cwm cwmorthin on the 25.5.14 a 57 otu spitfire r6834 hit the rock face at about the center of the picture didn't have time to climb the ridge maybe one day !!

ref for hurricane 115/681468

Sunday, 6 July 2008

Tank range

Bit of a odd one but this is the site of the gunnery training area for tanks at betws-y-coed the rail line is the old ffestiniog line now being reinstated , there was a slate wagon with a large slab of slate on it that was rolled down the gradient as a target thats all i have anymore info welcome!

wellington lb185

This small hill is moel-y-croesau on the 20.11.43 wellington lb185 from 3 otu hit the rocky outcropon the right hand side, the rear turret ended up about where the photo was taken with the occupant sgt a. sinclair surviving and sgt maskell another survivor landing waist deep the bog in the for ground !
A much better account can be found in "no landing place" by edward doylerush.
No remains were found on the surface, wreckage was reported as late as 2001 but has been removed !

ref 124/747386

Spitfire Mk14e NH695

This site is about 1miles from the Hurricane site and is the final resting place of Spitfire xiv NH695 the plane was on its final flight to be scrapped in 1946 the pilot was Mrs Everlyn Steekampt a south African who had flown through the war with the a.t.a and this was also to have been her last flight before leaving the service !.
This spot marks the end of the wreckage trail which starts 3/4miles away !
The Spitfire hit the ridge off to the right about 200yds away and broke up under full power ! It continued over the stream in the picture ! the top picture was taken about 500yds up the hill
There have been a few group digs at this site but as usually happens the groups have broke up and any remains have long gone !
Some bits will remain some where on such a large site but a metal detector would be needed!

Hurricane Z 5663 Button Oak

The area where my friend is standing is the impact site of a hawker hurricane Z5663 that crashed during a snowstorm on Dec 7th 1941 the pilot an American Plt F/O Ernest Edward Gasser A.T.A is buried at Wribbenhall church Bewdley !.
Z5663 was brand new plane and on it delivery flight .
Small items found and placed by the yew tree in the picture !.

Saturday, 5 July 2008

Avenger FN821

Avenger FN 821 crashed on Trum-y-Fawnog on the 03/09/44 with the loss of all on board , The plane hit at about the center of this pic but is covered i thick forestry and a pain to navigate .
There is a large crater somewhere on the peak but because of the trees i could not find it this time! but i did find this piece about 300yds lower then the given grid ref !

ref 125/013257

raf fauld explosion

This site is by tutbury near burton and well worth a visit a good book to find on this explosion is "the day the dump went up " by mark rowe[no relation ]
speaks for itself!!
At the crater by this point there is a memorial stone listing the killed and missing and was placed by the italian air force it includes the names of italian p.o.w.s that were among the dead !

Hells mouth and garn fadryn

The summit of garn fadryn audax k7350 and a wellington x3198 hit this peak nothing was found on site to confirm exact locations but i was happy to get a photo of the area!
303 rounds found on the hells mouth bombing ranges

the straffing ranges at hells mouth

The rivals

The main peak is yr eifl thi peak claimed 2 aircraft a henley l3351 and a halifax jd417
The large scar was made by a meteor aircraft wa794 on the 11.10.57 this site is in the quarry on the seaward peak of the rivals

Lancaster NE132

This plane crashed high on the Rhinog on the 06/02/45 with the loss of the crew .
Hard to believe this is a Merlin crank !.
The wreckage close to the wall contains the amour from the pilots seat!.
Wreckage trial.
This memorial stone was placed at the top of the wreckage trail at the impact point! there is a further collection about 500yrds above this prob from recovery attempts!.
Please remember that the body's of 2 crew were never recovered from this site be respectful!
ref 124/632285

oxford crash site

This site is of a oxford that crashed by bewdley in a wooded area called wassell wood the site has quite a lot of surface wreckage and below the surface a large burnt area full of melted alloy !
will post the code when i next get back to get me paperwork !
the plane at655 crashed on the 19/01/45 with the loss of f/o frank reid miller

he-111 on llwydmor

He-111 f4801 this site is about 1/2 a mile from the botha on lldwymor !the plane crashed on the 14.04.41

ref 115/684698