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Saturday, 27 October 2012

P-47D Thunderbolt 42-7925 ,Nantwich

While I was making my way back up country I stopped of to find this memorial to 1st Lt Arthur .L.Brown who lost his life when his aircraft crashed into soft ground on the banks of the River Weaver, behind houses in Shrewbridge Road ,Nantwich On January 14, 1944!
 The reason for the crash may have been the pilot passing out due to anoxia but what ever the true cause the plane fell from 24.000ft at very high speed and was driven deep into the soft soil beyond recovery !
This is site is  a field grave for Lt Brown as he and  his plane remain below the memorial ,there is a symbolic grave stone at the U.S cemetery at Cambridge !

Llangollen revisit Beaufighter NE203 and Fulmar N4074

First post for a while as  life  just keeps chucking problems at me at mo but never mind !

This trip out was supposed to be to new sites but a G.P.S. problem totally of my making meant a revisit to two sites by Llangollen the first was  Beaufighter NE203   above worlds end , at this site  there seems to have been little disturbance since my last visit but the cutting back of the heather  has revealed a new small scatter of remains ! the small scrap in the centre of the picture contains perspex and electrical bits there is a another slightly bigger mark about 15ft further contain scraps on metal  !
This is Rocky with the last  remains left of the Beaufighter !
The second site visited was  Fulmer N4074 to get a accurate ref and this crash site   has had some  disturbance and  I note the bit I found last time has gone ?