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Saturday, 20 August 2011


On the night of 1/11/41 a HE-111 from the 7th Staffel Kampfgeschwader 40 was on a Bombing mission to northern England when it was intercepted By a Beaufighter from R.A.F Valley flown by pilot officer M.Shipard and Sgt. D.Oxby and shot down over Anglesey , the stricken bomber fell on to the land of Bwlch-y-fen, nr Gwalchmai just behind the tree line between the 2 houses carrying a full bomb load the resultant explosion damaged both property's !

The crew were
Lt Georg Leins [pilot]
Unteroffizier Alwin Tepe
Unteroffizier Gerhard Fischer
Gefreiter Rudolf Terstegen
All were lost in the crash and sadly due to the total destruction of the plane the pilots body was never found ,the others now rest in the Cannock chase German military cemetery !

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Vulcan XA909

This shot is of Treddolphin farm near Gwalchmai on Anglesey and was the crash site of Vulcan XA909 on the 16/7/64
The plane had been on a training flight when at 43.000ft a bearing loss in n04 engine also damaged n03 and and caused control issues ,with the assistance of a pair of Gnats from Valley the Vulcan crew hoped to get to R.A.F. Valley ,but the pilot realised he had marginal control and also that it would be not enough to land safely, knowing as he did that the design of the rear crew escape system was totally useless except under the most favourable of circumstances and with the undercarriage down there was no escape for the 3 crew in the rear as only the pilot and co-pilot had ejection seats the rear crew had to manually jump ! in nearly every Vulcan crash this was impossible due to the G forces !. So he aimed to put the rear crew out first then send XA909 to a watery end but after the crew left , the Bomber turned inland and fell in the fields in the foreground lucky no one was harmed on the ground !
The farm is currently up for rent so there was no one around to ask for info but there will be remains in the fields as Xa909 hit with a lot of force a large amount of remains are also have believed to have been put on the dump at Valley and can still be seen if you are lucky enough to have permission to enter the base !.