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Sunday, 29 July 2018

Lancaster W4864 of 460 Sqn RAF Breighton

A run out to find the crash site of Lancaster W4864 of 460 Sqn R.A.A.F , RAF Breighton The bomber was on a cross country training flight on the 3 March 1943 and on the return leg over Oxford the bomber made a course change this was most likely due a technical issue with the DR master navigation compass which could lock during evasive action something the crew would have practiced that night and sent the bomber off course by 45 degrees R.O.C reported the plane over Kidderminster and later RAF Shawbury, sadly the pilot tried for an approach but missed and in turning at low altitude hit one of the tall trees [the one on the right ] and broke up in the grounds of Acton Reynolds girl's school with the loss of all 7 crew the time 00.10 hrs no radio contact was made with the planes crew during the flight though many attempts were made to raise them .
The field looks quiet and undisturbed by the tragic events of that night more so by the cows but the trees stunted and damaged shape bears testament to the force of the crash
Sgt E.C. Fulton
Sgt R.Oldfield
Sgt R.C.Graham
Sgt E.F.Murphy
Sgt R.W.Kerr
Sgt T.P.G.Milledy
Sgt P.F.Bacon

Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Halifax B.MkIII LK835 51 Squadron, Snaith, Yorkshire , 22 May 1944 , Blaenavon , south Wale

 Back from a few days in South Wales where i was lucky to visit the crash site of Halifax B.MkIII  this bomber flying a cross country training mission from 51 Squadron, Snaith, Yorkshire on the 22 May 1944 suffered an engine failure and runaway prop / eventual fire the crew of 7 all bailed out leaving the bomber to its fate in the bog above Blaenavon , south Wales where to this day much of the plane remains well beyond practical and financial recovery.
On my visit I was very lucky as a good few weeks of dry weather left the surrounding bog very firm so I could visit without too much trouble sadly much of the surface remains have been removed and attempts have been made to get to the middle of the crash site to dig about using old planks?? something i wouldn't even try to entertain as this crash site is on very unstable and deep bog.

Crew =
Sgt A.S Jones
Sgt D.Bibby
Sgt E.W.J Luff
Sgt J.Brown
Sgt T.Minns
F/O G.Cowd
Sgt A.G Westbrook