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Monday, 27 September 2010

Avenger FN821 revisit

On my last trip to this site i came within 40ft but never actually found the site only one small part but on this trip with Sean and Mick of they came armed with better info and luckily meeting a nice local the site was found but sadly has not been left alone by being lost in the woods nice of them not to remove their discarded work gloves!!!
The plane coded FN821/4K crashed on Trum-Y-Fawnog on the 03/02/44 with the loss of the 4 crew!.
1st Pilot S/L William Seddon Appleby
2nd Pilot S/L Ernest Hartley Green
Observer S/L Joe Lupton
Also one passenger as yet identity unknown!.
The plane hit the ground at high speed and was totally wrecked so the crater will still contain remains and relics of the crew so as far as i am concerned this site is a grave and should not be being dug by anyone!.
P.s take yer litter home .