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Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Mustang III SR 411 , Darwen Lancashire

 Yesterdays trip out on the Triumph with Tricia  to find the crash site of Mustang III SR 411 which crashed on Darwen moor Above the town of Darwen , Lancashire on the 29th July 1945 , the plane being flown by PAF pilot Herbert Noga , 316 Squadron RAF Coltishall was on a cross country [Thanks Alan Clarke for update on flight info  ] when in hazy visibility it stuck the moor land and broke up with the sad loss of Noga .
On the moor there still are a few remains in a shallow crater and a small memorial to the pilot even after a few digs by different groups some things still remains buried and in the wall of the crater i found this electrical item ? I left it in its resting place such A lovely place with such a sad story but well worth a visit

Friday, 4 May 2018

Miles Master Mk 1 T8824 5SFTS RAF Tern hill ,20th of April, 1941

 A visit to near R.A.F Tern Hill to find the crash site of Miles Master Mk 1 T8824 5SFTS Tern hill the plane flew into the ground during a solo night flying exercise on the 20th of April, 1941 at 22.30 hrs, it was the pilots first night solo just after take off the plane entered a left turn during which the pilot allowed the aircraft to loose height the plane hit the roof of Gallantry House demolished the well head in the Garden and broke up on the rising ground behind the house narrowly missing an anti aircraft gun on the hill with the loss of the 20 year old pilot whose body was recovered from the Garden .
The pilot Sgt Gaston Jean C Vandebos RAFVR had volunteered after escaping Belgium was buried locally then his remains were repatriated after the war to Cimetière du Sud, Tournai