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Saturday, 2 January 2010

Botha L6318

This is the general area that on the 23/08/42 Botha L6318 crashed in cloud with the loss of the crew of 5 =
W/O H.L.Pendal
Sgt J.B.Wood
AC1 A.Smyth
Sgt R.W.Patrick
AC1 R.Ibbetson.
I found nothing on this visit at the given ref in 'Aircraft Wrecks' book so will have to visit again in the future [after the snow!] !.

The area around where Botha L6318 was used for training during the war and has many items that you really shouldn't touch !
these safe .303 cases were in one of the stream beds that cross the site, some years ago near the crash site of Liberator B-24J 42-99991 'Bachelors Baby' not far from this site i found 2 live 2" mortar round on the surface .

Ref...SH 742 734