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Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Memorial cross Ruabon MT

This large cross on Ruabon MT is said to be to a polish pilot which lost their life in one of the 15 air crashes in the area but it seems it may be to Spitfire X4713 Which crashed on 16.11.41 with the loss of the pilot Cyril Cocks his plane hit about 14 metres away from the cross but I have no further details !

Some remains of X4713 will poss still be near however given the effort that has been put into clearing the site up on this MT don't hold yer breath !!

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Fulmar N4074 Minera mt

This small cross of stones are in the shallow impact scar on Minera MT above the village of New Brighton left by Fulmar N4074 !
The plane crashed on the 05/02/41 with the sad loss of Pilot Sub-Lieutenant Sydney G Burden R.N.V.R ,H.M.S Kestrel
These small few remains are all I found in the scar as this site has been cleared by 'enthusiasts' ?? some parts are at Fort Perch in a small dusty room with a faded label as for the rest some is on Ebay ? and most of the rest is lost in boxes in garages or lofts where it has been saved from being taken by unscrupulous collectors !lol

This part I found about 30ft from the cross and placed it in the scar to no doubt be stolen /SORRY SAVED FOR FUTURE GENERATIONS! !!!!!

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