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Monday, 30 November 2009

Stirling N6075

The small cross marking this site overlooks the head of a stream and is the only mark of this sad loss of Stirling N6075 on the 13/07/42 with the loss of all on board .
A 303. i found above the cross !.

The small pile of bits at the cross, the 8" bit on top i found about 10ft below the cross in the stream bed i placed it with the collection [i hope it stays there for others to see!!!!].
Lost on N6075=
Sgt R.U.Morrison.........F/Sgt J.R.Griffen
Sgt W.A.G.Atkins ........F/Sgt T.E.Helgesen
Sgt J.E.Williams............F/Sgt J.F.Hirst
SgtL.J.Regimbal............Sgt E.Dolphin.

ref SK 03808 61161

P-38 42-67670

P-38 lightning 42-67670 fell onto Strines moor by Leek on the 22/12/43 after the pilot Guy .A. Senesac bailed out due to loss of control !, this small collection is all that is on the surface !

ref SK 03517 61511

Hurricane V6793

This small bit is one of the few small parts on Merryton low from Hurricane V6793 which fell here on the 27/07/44 with the loss of F/SGT R.H.T.Martin !
This crater marks the spot of the fall of V6793.
ref SK 04742 61315

Oxford HN429

This crash on Axe edge of Oxford HN429 ON 03/11/44 is marked by two distinct scars the lower contains the largest parts !
The crew of HN429 survived the impact !
ref SK 03156 69217

Monday, 16 November 2009

SS Castilian/ Fydlyn Bay A/A shells

Took a walk along to a small cove at Fydlyn Bay ,camel head ,Anglesey just up the road and was very surprised to find hidden in the rocks the remains of heavy shells that have been blown up here.
The bits are scattered about and one find was this base fuse , the shells had come from the SS Castilian around 1987 by as the R.N removed e.o.d.s. from this area, the SS Castilian sunk after running aground on The Skerries on the 12th February 1943 her cargo contained many 4.5 inch and 40mm A/A shells plus aircraft propellers .

The rocks at the foot of the cliff are full of bits and there has been a rock fall most likely during demolition operations !.