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Tuesday, 12 May 2009


Not far from the crash site of lincoln RF511 is the site of the crash of wellington DV800 this plane hit an area called the black ladders with the loss of all on board on the 19/07/42, the small collection had a small plaque but this has worn and become unreadable .
About 100ft above the small pile is the impact point this has numerous small remains , also part of what i take to be a jumper or scarf and one blown .303.
This is the largest and lowest part i found if the stream is followed down from the site there are quite a few bits for about 200ft or so .
ref small pile SH 67583 63542 .

lincoln RF511

This small cairn built from some of the remains of avro lincoln RF511 holds a small plaque to the crew who were lost when the bomber hit high on cwm Llafar on the 15/03/50.
Part of what i think is a astro navigation unit seen the same on the anson VV955 on tal-y-fan.
One of 2 propeller bosses still on the mountain
One very heavy duty hydraulic ram .
Part of one wing most of the wreckage is in the stream bed and as you can see some of it is very large the impact site has lost of parts strewn about including on of the bomb bay door rams .
ref top of wreck site .
SH 67992 63776

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Tintwhistle 3

Been up the peaks again visited the 3 site above tintwhistle the first was of 3 hurricane fighters PZ851/PZ765/PZ854 which crashed during a formation practice on the 22/2/45 all the pilots were lost the memorial cross is by the path below the site of the hurricanes and is dedicated to the pilots lost in the 3 sites on the knarr.

Not far away on top of the hill is the small remains of p38 42-67207 this plane hit the hill on the
10/5/44 with the loss of F/O Hugh Jones , the pile was bigger then i was expecting given the low nature of the site .
The pictures below are from the site of lancaster PA411 not far over the hill from the p38 ,this plane hit the hill on 21/12/1948 with the loss of all 7 crew onboard the site is littered with small remains and the chunks of undercarriage shown .
The dark peak wrecks books are well worth the money for info on the peaks wrecks and peak wreck hunters site on the net .