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Sunday, 20 July 2008

love google earth

Found this site on dolwen hill missed it completely last time the plane in question is lancaster w4326 which crashed here after a photo flash went off in the rear of the plane causing a structural
break up on the night of 16/11/42!
will post up more g/e pics when i get them


Sean said...

You seem to be better than me with GE, or you have the pro version. Can you see any of the wrecks on Mynydd Mawr?

matt zx said...

hiya yep got pro and also mapsource brill they link up put in your map ref and it will show the spot in google earth !you can just make out the mossi but not vampire !
soz didnt get back sooner before your trip off to germany so all tied up !

Unknown said...

Hi - my uncle was rear gunner on this Lanc. More info on the wreck and crew can be found here

matt zx said...

thanks for the help i couldn't remember the link to that site it is a very well done reminder of the lost aircrew !