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Thursday, 21 August 2008

b-24 holme moss

Liberator 42-94841 crashed on the 10/11/44 not far from the current holme moss transmitor station
The large burn area has few large items but countless small fragments pick a dry day though !
SE 10632 03385


Miranda said...

wow! It would never occur to me there'd be plane crashes all over the place! I'd be assuming they'd make the news but I guess if they're military they don't make so much news? Amazing photos!

matt zx said...

hi no they don't but in the war they were just another plane gone and after the war they were only really reported locally !
thanks and its on a mobile phone too!
hehe got to love technology !!

Sean said...

Talking of technology, looks like you have mastered getting 6dp co-ords out of your box'o'tricks now then!