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Thursday, 14 August 2008


Yes i know its not in england but i still wanted to put it up as its well worths a visit !this is the v2 site at watten in northan france the history of the site can be found in more detail at
The large hit on the roof was caused by a 12.000lb tallboy so was the lake below !
this is one of the aircraft engine that are at the site the shattered remains of a merlin there is also many other items in the small entrance hall!


Mick said...

Hi Mat,

Is this La Coupole near Calais? I intend to get there someday. I was lucky enough to visit Camp Dora/ Mittelwerk near Nordhausen last year. Being underground my photo's didn't come out very well. Fascinating but overwhelmingly horrifying place! The pile of wrecked V1's dwarfs anything in the UK. There are still some complete V2 preserved in the cold water but it is too dangerous to go look at them. There is no intention of 'recovering' them. I love all that D-Day stuff in Normandy did you get to see it?

matt zx said...

hi mick no this is further inland!
la coupole is next on the list and the v3 site plus some more ww1 sites as its not far to the ypres sector ! sector no but me bosses[i.e girlfriend hehe] brothers just got a farm by st malo so heres hoping!