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Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Holyhead b-24 42-51232 'the jigs up '

The small memorial in the nature park by North stack Holyhead is for the sad loss of Liberator 42-51232 'The jigs up ' which fell on to the sea edge rocks at North stack on the 22/12/44,the pilot was on a divert to R.A.F.Valley when due to lack of fuel the crew bailed sadly only the pilot and co pilot survived as they did not know they where over the sea, 8 of the crew were lost to the sea they are recorded as missing on the stones at the American Military Cemetery,Madingley .
Lost on 42-51232
2nd Lt W.H.Lehner [navigator]
Stf/Sgt A.R.Clemens[flt/engineer]
Stf/Sgt F.J.Lynch[radio]
Stf/Sgt H.N.Nystrom[radio]
Stf/Sgt J.Fonseca [air gunner]
Stf/Sgt A.Zapotcky[air gunner]
Sgt R.F.Gagne[air gunner]
Sgt C.H.Dautel[air gunner]
Pilot Lt H.Boehm
Co Plt D.Burch.
The bomber hit at the water line just below the coast guard huts and any remains are in the world of the divers ! this naval gun 75mm not far from the memorial is one left from the wartime coastal defenses that litter this area?.

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