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Tuesday, 28 October 2008

moelfre b24

This is the memorial to liberator 42-99991 "batchelors baby" which crashed during a transit flight on 07/01/44 on a small hill above penmaenmawr
nothing bigger than these fragments are now on site the large burn area in front of the memorial is full of such small items!

the stone give the names of the 5 crew who died in this crash and the crew mascot a fox terrier named "booster" who was buried near by the crash site!


Sage of Virginia said...

Thank you for finding and posting pictures of this wreck site. My wife's grandfather was part of the crew on "batchelors baby". I have been doing a little research on his military career. I did find a crash report about this crash. I wish I could have talked to him about it, but sadly he passed away 10 years ago long before I could meet him. Again...Thank you very much!

matt zx said...

Thanks I was surprised they came out as the rain and wind was awful that day ! good luck with your research it's nice to hear the lives of these brave men kept alive !