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Saturday 1 November 2008

Cwm mountain halifax G-AIHU

This site on cwm mountain near the village of Cwm has a small memorial to the crew of halifax
G-AIHU which crashed on the very top of Cwm mountain with the loss of 4 crew on the 5/12/47

The plane was from a civilian company" the lancashire aircraft company " another aircraft from this company G-AJNZ hit cronk ny arree laa i.o.m. on the 28/09/48 i visited this site years ago so no pics but a scar with small remains was visible!
A small pile of stones with a weather worn cross sits on the edge of the site on cwm mountain
i found nothing on the surface due to the snowfall but it was nice walk anyway !
Near to the halifax site is the crash site of b-17 42-5791 "ruthless" which crashed in a field just about in the middle of this photo on the 29/12/43 with the very sad toll of 21 the 95th BG memorial foundation were/are planing a memorial on the site i have no more details
ref halifax is at about SJ 07269 76725
there is a ref for the b-17 on the internet as follows 116/075774
but i cannot vouch for it being acurate


Sean said...

Hi mat,

you've figured out how to get the 6 dp coords out of the box then!


luke.neale said...

Hi Matt,
I live near Cwm woods & have searched twice for the site after seeing your picture on Google Earth.
Yet again, I stumbled through dense undergrowth on Sunday & drew another blank.
Do you have any co-ordinates or a grid ref etc to help me find the site?

matt zx said...

Hi Luke can you mail me on and I will sort out more info!

onetenor said...

For anyone looking for the site it is right at the top of the mountain. The Hallybag almost missed the top but not quite.I don't know about the B17 site