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Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Aer Lingus EI-AFL

This memorial stone in Cwm Edno is to the passengers and crew of Dakota C-47B EI-AFL " Saint Kevin",which fell in a boggy area not far from this stone !.
The plane was flying from Northolt to Dublin on the 10th of January 1952 with 20 passengers and 3 crew when it seems to have encountered very severe weather poss leading to loss of control .
Looking from the stone it is very easy to see the crash site by the tree ! the tail was visible for many years but was vandalized by some foolish idiots so was removed some years ago as have all surface remains ! there is nothing here for magpies .
The crash site is very boggy and no place to be digging around , also it is a grave site to those who's remains still lie here ,and should be treated with great respect!.
memorial ref 66965 52080

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