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Monday, 30 November 2009

Stirling N6075

The small cross marking this site overlooks the head of a stream and is the only mark of this sad loss of Stirling N6075 on the 13/07/42 with the loss of all on board .
A 303. i found above the cross !.

The small pile of bits at the cross, the 8" bit on top i found about 10ft below the cross in the stream bed i placed it with the collection [i hope it stays there for others to see!!!!].
Lost on N6075=
Sgt R.U.Morrison.........F/Sgt J.R.Griffen
Sgt W.A.G.Atkins ........F/Sgt T.E.Helgesen
Sgt J.E.Williams............F/Sgt J.F.Hirst
SgtL.J.Regimbal............Sgt E.Dolphin.

ref SK 03808 61161

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