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Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Fulmar N4074 Minera mt

This small cross of stones are in the shallow impact scar on Minera MT above the village of New Brighton left by Fulmar N4074 !
The plane crashed on the 05/02/41 with the sad loss of Pilot Sub-Lieutenant Sydney G Burden R.N.V.R ,H.M.S Kestrel
These small few remains are all I found in the scar as this site has been cleared by 'enthusiasts' ?? some parts are at Fort Perch in a small dusty room with a faded label as for the rest some is on Ebay ? and most of the rest is lost in boxes in garages or lofts where it has been saved from being taken by unscrupulous collectors !lol

This part I found about 30ft from the cross and placed it in the scar to no doubt be stolen /SORRY SAVED FOR FUTURE GENERATIONS! !!!!!

REF SJ 26200 51100

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