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Saturday, 30 April 2011

Lockheed Lightning 42-13345 Plynlimon Mt

Lockheed Lightning 42-13345 of the 27nd photographic recon unit crashed high on Plynlimon on 11/09/1945 with the loss of pilot Lt Xenophon Eugenides , the aircraft struck the ridge line in the background and lost it's props momentum then carried it on until it fell on to the opposite slope !
On this revisit for me ! with Sean Mick and Al of Peak wreck hunters I was saddened to see the wholesale wrecking that has gone on at this site in recent times ! I hope they get who did this and they are held responsible for this vandalism and theft !

There is a substantial reward for any information leading to recovery of stolen items and prosecutions!!


PedalPaleAleFan said...

To comment with just a few degrees of separation from this, Xenophon Eugenides was one of my father's HS English students, ca. 1940, in Braddock PA.

matt zx said...

Many thanks for the comment,info and cool moniker!