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Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Halifax JD417 Yr Eifl

Halifax JD417 crashed on the 3/9/44 during a training flight The bomber flew into Yr Eifl in the rivals after entering cloud on a divert from Llandwrog to Penrhos sadly with the loss of the crew of 6 =
P/OL.G. Walker
F/O M.Cox
Sgt F.R.Jones
F/Sgt R.Walmsley
W/O J.A.White
F/Sgt K.Panwick
I believe JD417 had served with 78Sqn and was responsible for the loss of Ju.88C-6 Werknr 750478 R4+MP over Hanover on the night of 8th October 1943 with it's crew =
Lt Ernst Grosz (Gefallen)
Uffz Fritz Dreesen (Vermisst)
Uffz Julius Burow (Gefallen)
This is Rocky[the dog] at the crash site high on Yr Eifl, in the scar there are small remains mainly melted by fire but you still may turn up a recognisable bit or 2 but be warned the site can be hard to find even a few feet away the site is near invisible ! but even if you miss the view is spectacular on a clear day and well worth the climb !

After a very abortive Snowdon climb I decided to wonder back to part of Yr Eifl where I had found larger remains and fell very lucky again this time I discovered a 7ft section of flap ,part of a bomb bay door bracket also a 4ft square access panel and some more smaller bits of skinning !.
I hope these remain here as it would be a shame for them to be 'saved for the nation' in someone's garage till they get chucked out [or they will or sold on ebay ???] ,as they are the last reminders of a young crew who have no monument but these few bits !
Ref for crash site 370453 .

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