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Saturday, 27 October 2012

Llangollen revisit Beaufighter NE203 and Fulmar N4074

First post for a while as  life  just keeps chucking problems at me at mo but never mind !

This trip out was supposed to be to new sites but a G.P.S. problem totally of my making meant a revisit to two sites by Llangollen the first was  Beaufighter NE203   above worlds end , at this site  there seems to have been little disturbance since my last visit but the cutting back of the heather  has revealed a new small scatter of remains ! the small scrap in the centre of the picture contains perspex and electrical bits there is a another slightly bigger mark about 15ft further contain scraps on metal  !
This is Rocky with the last  remains left of the Beaufighter !
The second site visited was  Fulmer N4074 to get a accurate ref and this crash site   has had some  disturbance and  I note the bit I found last time has gone ?

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