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Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Avro Anson LT184 , Mynydd Perfedd

On the rocky slopes  of  Mynydd Perfedd  the scattered remain of 2 Anson's exist and doubt has existed to which site is which  well last Friday I climbed up the trail of wreckage, the first piece of which I found  in the stream bed about 200 ft above Maes-Caradoc farm and followed the wreckage spread up one of the streams right up to the cliff face where these bits were the highest I found right next to a area of burnt battery, instrument ,electrics remains  in the scree amongst which  I found this Irish coin dated 1942!

  LT184 was on a flight from Bishops Court, Northern Ireland and should confirm this site to be  LT184 as the other Anson was LT116 on a local out of Llandwrog

LT184 crashed on the 5th, October , 1943
Crew =  Leading Aircraft man  J. T .Key
              Leading Aircraft man  J .Chrystal
              Sgt                           E .J. Keightley
              Sgt                           J.G. Shepherd [Pilot]

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