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Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Wellington X3198, Garyn Fadryn

Remains of Wellington X3198 on Garyn Fadryn on the llyn peninsula  this was my second attempt to find the site and with some helpful tips like looking on the wrong hill I stumbled onto the site ,  the bomber from 21OTU crashed in low cloud during the pilots first solo on the 28/7/1941 with the lost of all 7 crew !
Many small parts litter the rocky slope including Blown .303 cases also more troubling part of a woollen R.A.F issue jumper!
The largest part is a 18"square bit of skinning still here because it's pinned under a very big rock so magpie proof.
While looking for this site I came across an area  near the summit that has the look of an impact, this may be the site of the crash of Hawker Audax K7350 which hit the hill on the 06/08/37 luckily both crew survived .
This I believe is an accurate crew list of X3198 =
Sgt Pilot Gordon Stanley Parry
Sgt Pilot Charles Gordon Alexander Christiy
Sgt Pilot George Murray Scott
Sgt Air Obs. William John Chevers RCAF
Sgt W.Op./Air Gnr. William Hesketh Hindle RCAF
Sgt W.Op./Air Gnr. Howard Bate Webster RCAF
Sgt Christian Conrad Ostenfeld RAA

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