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Sunday, 8 April 2018

Spitfire IIa P7746 ' City of Bradford ' , the Wrekin , Shropshire Dec 7 1941

 The second site was at the other end of the Wrekin and was of the crash of Spitfire IIa P7746 ' City of Bradford 'which impacted in the center of this area in the woodland at Rushton Cottage at the east end of the Wrekin on Dec 7 1941 during one of the worst snow storms for local flyers as 7 other aircraft came down in the same weather the pilot only saw the hill at the last moment and taking evasive action the plane stalled sadly Sgt H.A.Metcalfe RAAF bailed out too low 150ft and was killed later his body was found by a search light detachment from Buildwas
Again private ground but there is a shallow cratered area at the given position ?

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