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Sunday, 20 October 2019

P-38G 42-12928 Baxton fell 78th Fighter Group 26th January 1943

Last site from my visit to the moors is about 1mile away from the remains of P-38G Lightning 42-12905 on Dunsop Fell , this is the wreckage of P-38G 42-12928 Lying on Baxton fell this plane flying in formation for delivery to Ireland collided with 905 , 905 fell immediately to the ground 928 piloted by 2nd Lt S.White carried on for some distance then either through injury to the pilot or damage to the plane dived onto the moors with the sad loss of the pilot .

On the moors today there is a large shallow scar containing many parts heading away from the impact nearby is a collection of wing remains plus many other parts in a scatter down the slope .

2nd Lt S.L.White
Last picture is of the memorial stone placed near the track at the bottom to the fells this lists the crew and planes lost in this part of the hills a very thoughtful and welcome reminder to the passerby of those lost

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