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Saturday, 5 July 2008

Hells mouth and garn fadryn

The summit of garn fadryn audax k7350 and a wellington x3198 hit this peak nothing was found on site to confirm exact locations but i was happy to get a photo of the area!
303 rounds found on the hells mouth bombing ranges

the straffing ranges at hells mouth


Denise taylor said...

Hi I'm the niece of sgt pilot Gordon s. parry who died on 28/07/41. I visited the site a few years ago but could find nothing. I talked to a local who was a boy at the time and the plane hit the smaller of the 2 peaks and I found wreckage jammed under a big rock outcrop at the top of the mountain. I found a zip pull and aluminium pipes and rivetted metal so am sure this is the remains of their aircraft.The mountain I think is carn fad rum apparently the whole area was cordoned off by military after the crash.
My mother is still alive and always wondered the location.
Thanks Denise Taylor

matt zx said...

Thank for the information I will have visit the site again !

Unknown said...

Hi, not sure if you ever did return to the area but I live just below Garn bach, the hill which the plane crashed. As a child I used to play around the crash site with my brother and friends. We found lots of bullet casings etc. I went up last year but there is not much to see any more. I think the site has been cleared by souvenier hunters over the years but I am happy to take you to the site if you wish. Get in touch.

matt zx said...

Hi So sorry been totally distracted off site for a while Would love to meet up and visit site mail me on xjboy550@rocketmail,com !