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Saturday, 5 July 2008

raf fauld explosion

This site is by tutbury near burton and well worth a visit a good book to find on this explosion is "the day the dump went up " by mark rowe[no relation ]
speaks for itself!!
At the crater by this point there is a memorial stone listing the killed and missing and was placed by the italian air force it includes the names of italian p.o.w.s that were among the dead !


UKurbex said...

I live quite close to Fauld in Staffordshire and a few months ago we managed to get into the remaining tunnels, there is still a vast underground network of tunnels down there, we even got behind a wall into the old section which has blast damage and roof falls. See the full report on it here

matt zx said...

Great pictures UKurbex and thanks for the link ! shame the site has gone back into hiding !