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Sunday, 6 July 2008

Hurricane Z 5663 Button Oak

The area where my friend is standing is the impact site of a hawker hurricane Z5663 that crashed during a snowstorm on Dec 7th 1941 the pilot an American Plt F/O Ernest Edward Gasser A.T.A is buried at Wribbenhall church Bewdley !.
Z5663 was brand new plane and on it delivery flight .
Small items found and placed by the yew tree in the picture !.


graceamazon said...

The pilot was my father's older brother who died on Dec 7 '41; their family was split at the time between USA and Switzerland, and it was a long time before they found out about his crash.

Unknown said...

I would love to hear from you about this crash. I am researching ATA losses for a proposed book.

My email address is jimDOTcorbettATaciaDOTcoDOTuk

Replace the DOT with . and AT with @

Many thanks,

matt zx said...

Hi Jim so sorry to have been off this place due to life interfering and not getting updates on comments will give you a shout and see if I can be of some help !