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Sunday, 6 July 2008

Spitfire Mk14e NH695

This site is about 1miles from the Hurricane site and is the final resting place of Spitfire xiv NH695 the plane was on its final flight to be scrapped in 1946 the pilot was Mrs Everlyn Steekampt a south African who had flown through the war with the a.t.a and this was also to have been her last flight before leaving the service !.
This spot marks the end of the wreckage trail which starts 3/4miles away !
The Spitfire hit the ridge off to the right about 200yds away and broke up under full power ! It continued over the stream in the picture ! the top picture was taken about 500yds up the hill
There have been a few group digs at this site but as usually happens the groups have broke up and any remains have long gone !
Some bits will remain some where on such a large site but a metal detector would be needed!


Sean said...

We are probably up for a trip over with the 'detector. The West Mids aren't too far away..

matt zx said...

Some good sites if you want i have a copy well photocopy of a book that covers many of the plane crashes in the west mids and wyre forest/ worcs areas "forgotten heroes" by glyn warren trying to update with me books 150mls away is a pain !!

Sean said...

Always looking for more info, and with the Peak now more or less mined out, another local area with good sites would be great...