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Saturday, 25 April 2009

Yr Aran spitfire 1a X4843

At about 2,100ft ou Yr Aran is a few small remnants of spitfire 1a X4843 which crashed with the loss of australian sgt n.w.mowat on the 26/9/41 , the spitfire was built in 1940 which you can just see stamped on the amour plate above with the 300 below it

There is only one concentration of remains at the lower end of the scree but still a lot for this type, lets hope it stays that way .
Battery cell one of the few bits on the slope .
Some one has placed a bit of railing at the impact point but only one piece of casing showed up this high ,given the loose nature of the scree much must have been buried .

UPDATE. thanks to which ever thieving person or persons[ or gits] who took the amour plate and a large piece of perspex from the site in the last few weeks !

hgw ref 115/605517

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