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Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Tintwhistle 3

Been up the peaks again visited the 3 site above tintwhistle the first was of 3 hurricane fighters PZ851/PZ765/PZ854 which crashed during a formation practice on the 22/2/45 all the pilots were lost the memorial cross is by the path below the site of the hurricanes and is dedicated to the pilots lost in the 3 sites on the knarr.

Not far away on top of the hill is the small remains of p38 42-67207 this plane hit the hill on the
10/5/44 with the loss of F/O Hugh Jones , the pile was bigger then i was expecting given the low nature of the site .
The pictures below are from the site of lancaster PA411 not far over the hill from the p38 ,this plane hit the hill on 21/12/1948 with the loss of all 7 crew onboard the site is littered with small remains and the chunks of undercarriage shown .
The dark peak wrecks books are well worth the money for info on the peaks wrecks and peak wreck hunters site on the net .

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