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Thursday, 29 December 2011

Botha L6417, Rhosnegir,R.A.F Valley

Even though this is beyond anyone but a diver and is a protected site I still think it's worth a post !.
On 28 August 1941 after trying to take off from R.A.F.Valley Botha L6417 came down 500mtrs from the shore With the tragic loss of the 3 crew =
But during the rescue attempts in the stormy weather 11 men also lost their lives
Police constable G.Arthur
auxiliary Coastguard E.Jones
Sergeant Major A.W.Moger
First officer A.J.Owen
Second Lt P.T.Whysall
Two 17 year olds, J. Wood of Chester and D. Baynham of Walton-on-Thames, received the George medal a monetary reward from the Air Ministry and silver cases from General Skiorsky, Commander in Chief of Polish Forces. for their brave attempts at rescue which nearly led to the sea claiming them as well !
The RNLI Bronze Medal was awarded to Sgt C Jackson, Lance Bombardier T Taylor, Gunner J W Parkinson, and air-craftsman A E Atkinson, and posthumously to those who had died in the rescue attempt.
The memorial is by Rhosnegir fire station !

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