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Monday, 2 April 2012

Cessna 337 G-ATNY

The crash site on Moel Siabod of Cessna 337 G-ATNY is high in the rocks in the centre of the picture ,I got to within about 100ft of the site but the cliffs became sheer and I felt it was beyond me on my own so better part on valour and all I came down !
The Cessna was on a private flight to Ronaldsway on the Isles of Man with 5 passengers and the pilot , the plane flew off track and headed into the mountains ! the plane was flying much too low at 2.700ft and hit 30ft below the ridge with the loss of all on board .
The accident report is available here
Pilot V.Wilson
Pass T.Hood
Pass C.Fletcher
Pass T.Greenan
Pass J.Gregory
Pass R.Gregory
There is a ref to wreckage in a bog by the lake at the foot of the slope but after a search of about 1 hour I could find no remains so must assume they have been removed for some reason by some person ?
Ref 115/710551


Roger Fulton said...

one wonders why too low? Fog, instrumentation? black boxes recovered? weak pilot? those things facinate me.
r fulton tucson, az

matt zx said...

Hmm good questions, a pilot with paying customers sat next to him all who really want to get to their destination may have fell in to the trap of pressonitis and flew into mist and cloud when he had no instrument rating and no met conditions rating! even the some of the best pilots have got into this mess!

Roger Fulton said...

I'm ex- AF and even I wouldn't do that!! No black boxes on board and he does a VFR into clouds? No old Pilots, no bold pilots, etc, shame it cost them their lives. Good fotos. I started in B-17s as co=pilot. God any fotos?

Roger - Tucson